Thomas Edison Predicted Nobody Would Be Able to Make Phone Calls Across the Atlantic Ocean

Never say never. Thomas Edison was both a great inventor and an amusing prognosticator. But nobody, no matter how smart, knows the future. And that goes for Edison as well. Back in 1894, Edison predicted that transatlantic phone calls would be impossible. But his doubts would prove silly roughly 30 years later when the first transatlantic phone call was completed in 1927. Read More >>

This Website Lists All The Patents Expiring Today So You Can Exploit The Heck Out Of Them

If you've always fancied yourself a bit of a Thomas Edison but can't seem to hit on, you know, an actual idea, this website might be your saviour. ExPatents (with the hilariously easy-to-misread URL patentsexpiringtoday.com) gives you a list of the US patents that expire today, to inspire you to come up with new ways to make use of them. Read More >>

Listen to Thomas Edison’s Scary Talking Dolls and Never Sleep Again

Thomas Edison’s debuted a line of groundbreaking “talking” dolls in 1890. They lasted only six weeks before being yanked from shops, because the dolls sound like the risen Satan singing a lullaby. Now with the help of new technology, you too can listen to the dolls’ voices and never be at peace again. Read More >>

Take the Intelligence Test That Thomas Edison Gave to US Job Seekers

Today tech companies are infamous for asking silly questions at job interviews. How would I move Mount Fuji? If I knew that I probably wouldn't be sitting here for this job interview, would I, Microsoft? Read More >>

The Surprisingly American History of Christmas Lights

Christmas lights are a historic tradition, but did you know the first electric Christmas lights appeared in America? The tradition itself embodies a certain American-ness, an ingenuity and hunger for innovation that's easily overlooked. Plus the whole process of going way over the top that we've come to recognise as a uniquely American activity. Read More >>

Scandalous: The First On-Screen Kiss

At one time kissing in public was considered a scandalous act, which is probably why Thomas Edison, who was just as much a showman as he was an inventor, was responsible for capturing the first on-screen kiss way back in 1896. Read More >>

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Celebrate Thomas Edison’s 165th Birthday With a Crash Course On His Life

Did you know that Thomas Edison got his first job as a telegraph operator after saving the daughter of a station agent from an oncoming train? Or that he didn't invent the lightbulb, but instead created the first commercially viable version? Read More >>

How Christmas Tree Lights Evolved from Major to Mild Fire Hazard

Before our Christmas tree lighting needs were taken care of with £20 and a trip to Argos, creating the atmosphere meant placing candles—wax towers topped with fire—onto seasonal kindling. Think it's frightening now when your dog tugs a branch? Just imagine your living room bursting into flames for the sake of Christmas cheer. Read More >>