Thorpe Park’s Walking Dead Roller Coaster Uses Screams to Recharge Your Phone

At the end of last month Thorpe Park announced that it was rebranding one of its rollercoasters with a Walking Dead theme, creating the world's first rollercoaster based on a TV series that was based on a comic featuring zombies. Now the park has just announced that the ride will literally take on part of the plot of Monsters, Inc as well, by harvesting rider screams to recharge their phones. Read More >>

Thorpe Park’s Walking Dead-Themed Year Needs Zombies, Auditions to be Held on Top of a Rollercoaster

Despite the fact I stopped watching The Walking Dead  four years ago, the series trundles on. Proving that nobody actually cares about my opinion when it comes to American TV. It's such a big deal that even Thorpe Park is tying in with the show, with a series of zombie-themed events throughout 2018. Read More >>

Derren Brown And the HTC Vive are Behind Thorpe Park’s Mysterious VR Rollercoaster

Thorpe Park has announced that it will go head-to-head with Alton Towers on the virtual reality front. The theme park this morning revealed that it will open a mysterious new VR ghost train in spring, with each ride set to last a whopping 13 minutes. Some would argue that's frightening enough. Read More >>

Thorpe Park for Four People, and Adobe Software Bundle are Your Deals of the Day

Are you one of those people who sits on a sofa and thinks: 'You know what would make this better? Hurtling at high speeds before being turned upside-down with a stomach filled with congealed cheese and the sound of screaming'? Read More >>

An Annual Pass to Thorpe Park is Your “Let’s Throw Up Every Day of the Year” Deal of the Day

Are you the kind of person who thinks life would be better if you could strap yourself into a giant vomit machine on rails, designed to throw your body around at great speeds, blending your brain in your skull while you're hurtled upside down while screaming your lungs up out of your nostrils? Read More >>

Thorpe Park Stunt Leaves Dummies Armless

Thorpe Park’s latest £20m ride, The Swarm, has apparently left test dummies “alarmingly damaged” after a trial run showed arms being chopped off by collisions with “extreme near miss points”. Read More >>