artificial intelligence
These 23 Principles Could Help Us Avoid an AI Apocalypse

Science fiction author Isaac Asimov famously predicted that we’ll one day have to program robots with a set of laws that protect us from our mechanical creations. But before we get there, we need rules to ensure that, at the most fundamental level, we’re developing AI responsibly and safely. At a recent gathering, a group of experts did just that, coming up with 23 principles to steer the development of AI in a positive direction—and to ensure it doesn’t destroy us. Read More >>

north korea
Kim Jong-un Bombproofs His Official Vehicle, As People Apparently Don’t Like Him

The North Korean leader has apparently taken delivery of a brand new official limousine to ferry him between the nation's myriad high-output electrical consumer goods factories, and this one's better equipped to protect the man's hair from being flattened than ever -- it's bombproof. Read More >>

Local Vigilantes Caused More Hassle During the Olympics Than Terrorists, Says Lord Coe

UK-based antagonist groups like Fathers4Justice triggered more worry for Olympic organisers during London 2012 than the nebulous global terror and cyber-warrior threat, according to games boss Lord Coe. Perhaps those tower block missile units put off the real bad boys? Read More >>

MI5 Boss Unsurprisingly Completely OK About Mass Surveillance Culture

Sir Andrew Parker, the boss of security agency MI5, has used the dread T-word to defend the UK and US surveillance schemes, claiming that the power to tap into our every bored status update is critical in helping battle the threat of terrorism. So we ought to be grateful, really. Read More >>

Man Arrested After Triggering Mass Twitter “Rape” Threat Furore

A 21-year-old man was arrested over the weekend, after most of Twitter went absolutely bonkers in response to the relentless harassment of feminist campaigner Caroline Criado-Perez. Read More >>

Look up! London’s Pretend Olympic Military Terror Tests Start Today

Those odd war games the Ministry of Defence has been planning are about to kick off today, with the series of military tests seeing jets and choppers buzzing over London for the next seven days. Read More >>

Solar Flares Could Cause “Serious Damage to Human Welfare”

Those words come from the UK Cabinet Office's latest National Risk of Civil Emergencies report, which warns that "space weather" is a very real threat to our cosy way of life. Read More >>

UK Police Asked Google to Pull 135 YouTube Videos Over National Security Worries

Google has revealed a huge pile of data covering the various requests it receives from world governments to remove material, revealing that British authorities asked it to chop 135 YouTube clips over "National Security" concerns. Read More >>