Three’s Offering Mobile Broadband to Help You Ditch Your Landline

If you live in an area with strong signal, chances are your 4G is faster than a standard non-fibre broadband connection. The problem is that it's been almost impossible to use the speedy wireless to ditch your ISP without having to pay a fortune. Three is hoping to put an end to that, with the launch of its new HomeFi 4G broadband service. Read More >>

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Ofcom Wants To Let You Dump Your Mobile Provider By Text

Switching mobile networks isn't especially hard right now, but Ofcom wants to make it even easier and even more suitable for those of us who hate speaking to human beings on phones. The proposed system will allow you to dump your current mobile provider by text. Your jilted provider will then text you a code, which you can give to your new bae to pick up an exciting new relationship. Read More >>

Three Launches Wuntu, A Rewards App For Its Customers

Phone network Three has launched its new rewards app, designed to give customers freebies along the lines of O2's Priority and similar schemes (Orange Wednesdays RIP). Read More >>

Three Network Accused of £230 Per Year Contract Rip-Off

Ofcom has launched an investigation into the contractual wranglings of the Three network, after an investigation claimed that it overcharges its one and two-year contracts users by up to £230 each year should they choose to exit deals early. Read More >>

Three Network Wants You to Moan to Ofcom About Spectrum Wins

A group of UK mobile and broadband networks is asking their customers to pressurise Ofcom into making the mobile data spectrum allocations fairer (for them), suggesting that future spectrum caps should be limited to just 30 per cent per operator of available spectrum within each chunk that's sold off. Read More >>

Smartphone Upgrades Stolen Through Three Data Breach

Three executives are currently playing It's Alright on loop, as it's emerged that the company has suffered a data breach. The mobile operator says bank details haven’t been snatched, though other personal details including customers’ names and addresses have been accessed. Read More >>

Three and ZTE’s Bizarre ‘Unicorn’ Cab Service Whips up a Storm

Knowing full well that when Londoners aren’t complaining about politics or sucking on avocados, they’re a bunch of posing, infantile imbeciles, Three and ZTE decided to team up for a promotional stunt involving horses dressed as colourful unicorns, strapped up to carriages. Read More >>

Which? 4G Report Ranks UK Regions by Speed and Availability

A new report from Which? And OpenSignal has confirmed that it’s far easier to access 4G in the capital than it is elsewhere in the UK, but the connection speeds in London are significantly slower. Read More >>

Making BBC Three Online-Only Might Not Have Been the Best Move

Stats looking at the current state of the live TV watching habits of the nation appear to show that the BBC's gone down in popularity among youth viewers, a fact that's being blamed on the move to make BBC Three an online only channel. Read More >>

Three is Expanding Feel At Home After the Summer Holidays End

Feel At Home, Three’s holiday service that lets you use your phone abroad without incurring those freakishly high roaming charges, is about to get better. Though it’s always been a major draw for me, as a fairly regular visitor of Germany I’ve always lamented its big, meaty, Deutschland-shaped hole. Read More >>

Three Chops Roaming and Tethering from New Essentials Budget SIMs

UK network Three is continuing to fiddle with its bundles, revealing a new Essentials connection aimed at budget users that strips out modern luxuries like tethering your own hotspot and roaming while on hols to shave a few quid off the price. Read More >>

Three to Hold Mobile Ad-Blocking Trial Next Month (But Don’t Forget to Sign Up)

Three has announced that it will hold a 24-hour ad-blocking trial in mid-June, and will soon begin contacting customers to get them to sign up for it. Though plenty of us use ad-blockers on desktop computers, they’re far less popular on mobiles, and this move represents the first instance of network-level ad-blocking in the UK. Read More >>

Roaming Charges Compared: Do Vodafone, Three, O2, EE or Others Offer the Best Holiday Deals?

It may not feel like it right now, especially if you're reading this while sat behind a desk, having just polished off your rain-soaked Sainsbury's baguette, but holiday season (the ‘hotdogs or legs?’ kind, not the jelly-belly one) is upon us. As such, those of you with any cash left over after you’ve done the big shop and repaired your boiler and paid your little ones their damned pocket money are gearing up for a blissful week somewhere that isn’t the UK. Literally anywhere. Read More >>

Three’s Increased MMS Prices Could Affect Your SMS Messages Too

Any of you that still use multimedia messages (MMS) to send pictures to your mates -- who still does this? -- should be aware that Three is set to increase prices from 17.4p a message to 40p a message on June 13th. You’ve got plenty of time to familiarise yourselves with WhatsApp and get all of your mates on board with the messaging app too before the price hike comes into effect. Read More >>

Three Comes Top and Bottom of the Pile For 4G Connectivity

A new report from Which? And OpenSignal shows that, no matter how much Kevin Bacon is thrust at our faces, the UK’s still pretty rubbish with this 4G stuff, with too many consumers being forced onto 3G connections far too frequently. That said, I shouldn’t really be picking on Bacon. That’s because EE provides the best 4G coverage of all the major UK operators, with customers able to access the high-speed network 60.6% of the time. Sorry Bacon. Read More >>