Three is Pulling the Plug on Its Half Price Unlimited Data Deals Tomorrow so Grab One While You Can

Three's six month half price unlimited data deals are fantastic. It would be a shame if someone... stopped the promotion. And that's exactly what is happening at the strike of midnight on Thursday, August 22. Read More >>

Three’s 5G Home Broadband Launches Today, But Only in London

What's to be gained from 5G? Faster speeds, lower latency, and a bunch of other stuff that isn't really that important if it's just in your phone. One of the biggies is that we've been promised 5G will help replace fixed line broadband, assuming you live in the right place, and today is the day Three launches that service for people in London. Or parts of London anyway, because London is a very big place. Read More >>

Ofcom is Being Dragged into Another 5G Dispute, This Time Between O2 and Three

Mobile networks just can't seem to play nice when it comes to 5G, complaining over perceived unfairness, while gleefully wallowing in their own pools of privilege. Read More >>

Three Won’t be Increasing its Prices for Anyone Who Wants 5G

All the big networks have been throwing us information about their 5G plans, especially EE and Vodafone which already have active networks in some parts of the country. The thing is that 5G is quite pricey, and if you want in both those networks are making you sign up for a new device on a contract that costs quite a bit. But not Three. It's offering 5G to everyone, and at no extra cost Read More >>

Three’s Unlimited Data Deal is Now £11 a Month, but Only for Six Months

Three seems to revel in the fact that it's the only major network to offer unlimited data, and it seems to want as many people on that deal as possible. Why else would it be discounted so often? It can't be unpopular, especially in our data-hungry world. Normally you're having to pay over £20 a month for this sort of deal, but now Three is dropping the introductory price to just £11 for the first six months of a 24 month contract. Read More >>

Three’s Launching 5G in August, Promises to be “UK’s Fastest 5G Network”

Just over a year ago we were all told that 2020 would be the year the UK's 5G services would be coming online. Then things changed. Last May EE said it was aiming for a 2019 launch (which it accomplished), in September Vodafone also confirmed it wanted consumer 5G to be available this year, and back in February O2 pulled its launch date forward as well. Now it's Three's turn to scrap the 2020 goal and launch 5G way ahead of schedule. Read More >>

Three is Finally Going to Start Selling OnePlus Phones in the UK

Back when the OnePlus 6T was announced last year OnePlus announced big new partnerships with retailers and networks that made the phone more widely available. Because before UK buyers were limited to going through O2 or the official OnePlus store. The only big UK network that hadn't signed on was Three, for reasons unknown, and despite some speculation that the 6T would eventually come to the network nothing ever materialised. Well until now. Read More >>

Three’s £20 Unlimited Everything SIM Only Deal is Back (Again)

These days it seems as though Three is turning into the DFS of the mobile world. Every time we turn around it seems as though the network has gone and slashed the price of its unlimited everything deal. Not that this is a bad thing, of course, but there comes a point where you have to feel sorry for people who miss the deal and end up paying full price. Of course this means the discount is back once again. Read More >>

5G Will Take Yonks if the Government Bans Huawei Kit, Says Three

Our woefully inefficient government has been faffing about trying to decide what to do about Brexit Huawei for ages now, and it's almost time to hear its conclusion. Read More >>

Relish is Rebranding to Three Broadband

Relish -- the company that offers plug-and-play WiFi in central London, Reading, and er, Swindon -- has announced it'll be rebranding to Three Broadband after it was bought by the company in 2017. Read More >>

Three PAYG Customers Now Get Loyalty Rewards

Why should the contract customers get all the goodies? That's something people on Pay As You Go have always wondered, and finally it seems there's some justice -- at least for customers of the Three network. Read More >>

Three’s Launching an Unlimited Mobile Broadband Package

A little while back Three announced that it was launching a new mobile broadband service, letting people get web access to all their devices without a cable running into their house. The problem was, like most mobile broadband services, Three had strict data limits. Which sucks, because landline broadband is all unlimited these days. But not anymore. Read More >>

Three’s £20 Unlimited Everything SIM-Only Deal is Back

Last year during all the Black Friday hubbub, Three announced it was discounting its most desirable SIM only plan - much to our delight. The deal was that you could get unlimited calls, texts, data, and tethering for just £20 a month, and now Three has brought it back for an unspecified amount of time. Read More >>

black friday
Three’s Now Giving You Until 3rd December to Enjoy its Black Friday Offers, Including £20 Unlimited Data and Tethering

The other day Three announced a few of its Black Friday offers, which were set to go live tomorrow. Unlike some people Three decided it was best to leave the Black Friday deals until Black Friday, and not turn it into a weeks-long extravaganza of price slashing. Well now it's decided the 'one day only' thing isn't really working out, and will be extending all its deals until Monday 3rd December. Read More >>

5G Home Broadband Will Be Twice As Fast, Half The Cost, Says Report

A new report from consulting company Ovum says 5G tech will double our home broadband speeds and save us all £240 a year. Read More >>