EU to Ban ISP Throttling and Site Blocking as Part of Cross-European Net Neutrality Laws

European vice president Neelie Kroes is looking to block some of the more anti-competitive practices carried out by ISPs, thanks to a proposed EU-wide net neutrality law that would stop ISPs limiting bandwidth used by troublesome or competitive apps and services. Read More >>

UK Broadband
BT Says There Is No Broadband Bandwidth Problem and Dumps Its Data Caps

Here's an interesting move from BT. While most others are complaining there's an issue with the amount of data we're all rapidly consuming, enforcing traffic shaping and data caps on us, BT says there is no problem, and its put its money where its mouth is. Now you can get "Totally Unlimited" broadband even on the cheaper end -- no data caps to be seen. Read More >>

Skype and Other VOIP Services Throttled to Death by EU ISPs

The speed limiting crackdown on P2P services and other bandwidth-hogging downloading systems is extending to VOIP, with an EU telecoms regulator finding the throttling of VOIP connections to be a "common" practise across Europe. Read More >>