Everything We Know So Far About Tiangong-1’s Crash to Earth

If you closed your eyes and threw a dart at a spinning globe, odds are you’ll strike the Pacific Ocean. And that’s just where the doomed Chinese satellite Tiangong-1 landed last night. Read More >>

So, About the Satellite That’s About to Crash Into Earth…

I love clicks as much as the next online journalist. I love that there is an uncertain thing happening, with infinite angles to write about and to scare people with. But as the Chinese Tiangong-1 satellite nears its final descent to Earth this weekend, I need to remind you: It’s not a big deal. Read More >>

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An Amazing Photo of China’s Space Station Crossing the Sun

While it's the International Space Station that tends to take all the glory, there is in fact another: China's Tiangong-1, which went into low-Earth orbit in 2011. In this amazing pictures, you can see it silhouetted against the Sun. Read More >>

Should We Be Worried About China’s First Space Station?

China has successfully launched the Tiangong-1, its first space lab. It's the first of a series of small test stations, and the first step towards the Country's goal of having a 60-ton space station in orbit by 2020. Read More >>