Ticketmaster Closes its Reseller Sites

The modern pop culture hate crime of scalping people for gig tickets is about to get a little harder to pull off, with market leader Ticketmaster saying it's giving up on trying to make money on selling things twice by closing its resale portals. Read More >>

Cheap Advance Train Tickets Could Go in Massive Industry Shake Up

A group of men sipping tea from chipped Intercity mugs are bored of being told that buying a train ticket is too complicated a task, so have decided it's time to simplify the process. Which is lovely, although one idea they're putting forward won't go down well -- binning advance tickets. Read More >>

Happy Train Fare Rise Outrage Day

'Tis the season for the rail companies to ruin the Christmases of millions of people, by revealing next year's ticket prices. And you'll never guess what's happened; they've only gone and handed themselves a massive pay rise for the privilege of being shuttled to work in a metal tube of armpits. Read More >>

Advance Train Ticket Window Shrinks to 10 Minutes Before Travel

Passengers using the train to get somewhere but not being bothered to book in advance are about to strike it slightly richer, with seven train companies reducing the cutoff point for buying Advance tickets to just 10 minutes before travel. Read More >>

IT Glitch of the Day: Train Ticket Machines Offline Across the Country

Today's calamitous IT failure has been revealed: the trains. Specifically, people trying to buy train tickets this morning noticed that automated machines at stations to travel on many rail franchises were broken, with server issues meaning the systems couldn't process payments, therefore making the buying of tickets impossible. Read More >>

amazon prime
Amazon Prime Will Show You Blondie for £150

Amazon's Prime members have a new offer open to them today -- concert tickets. Physical concert tickets, sold through Amazon Tickets and non-refundable and non-transferable as is the modern way, for the amazing price of as much as £150. Read More >>

Iris and Fingerprint Scans Could Eradicate Physical Train Tickets

People trying to think up new ways that more travellers can be rammed onto our trains in less time have come up with an idea -- iris scanning. That way we can shuffle slowly forwards like automatons while being scanned by lasers, without breaking formation to get angry with a ticket machine. That'll be nice. Read More >>

Cheaper Train Journeys Promised in Ticket Rules Shakeup

The life hack that is buying loads of single tickets and chaining them together to save money on longer trips is coming to some of our rail franchises, with a rethink of the ticketing system aiming to make buying the cheapest possible ticket the easiest option -- instead of a near-impossible, multi-dimensional logistical battle against an unseen capitalist machine. Read More >>

Artist Managers Put Gig Tickets Straight On Rip-Off Resale Sites, BBC Finds

An investigation by the BBC's Victoria Derbyshire Show has found that - as you might have guessed if you've bought gig tickets recently - some artist management companies whack them straight onto high-priced resale sites like GetMeIn and Seatwave at vastly inflated prices. Read More >>

Train Ticket Machines Could be Upgraded to Prioritise Cheapest Fares

The Department for Transport is set to help customers find the cheapest rail fares by forcing train operators to simplify ticketing systems. Read More >>

Orange Train Tickets Expected to be Killed Off by 2022

Earlier this month, it emerged that orange train tickets were being scrapped by a small number of rail operators and it made us sad. According to an apparent insider, they’ll be all-but-gone by 2022. Read More >>

Orange Train Tickets Are Being Replaced

Shed a tear for a soon-to-be-fallen friend. Traditional orange train tickets are being phased out, with ordinary-looking paper receipts replacing them. Read More >>

How London’s New Hour Long Bus Fare Cap System Will Work

London's new mayor has wasted no time in sticking one of his ideas in place, announcing a plan to effectively cap all city bus travel to £1.50 -- as long as trips are completed within an hour. Read More >>

8/10 Don’t Bother Claiming Train Ticket Refunds Due to Rail Company Confusion

The UK's rail companies need to do a better job of explaining how tunnel-stuck passengers can claim their refunds, to help turn around stats that say only 20 per cent of people entitled to train disruption refunds actually bother to put in a claim. Read More >>

UK Railways May Join the Tube in Going Contactless in 2016

Parts of the UK's rail network could be joining the contactless credit card payment micro revolution during 2016, with plans to let all rail travellers pay for tickets online then use the same debit card to authorise the journey from then on said to be on the table. Read More >>