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TIE Fighter, and Star Wars’ Idea of the Good Imperial

Last month Marvel Comics launched TIE Fighter, a miniseries about an elite squadron of Imperial pilots who find treachery among their ranks. It ties into the upcoming novel Alphabet Squadron, starring an ex-TIE pilot who defects to the fledgling New Republic, but it got me thinking about another story of a TIE pilot, one with intriguing parallels to these new stories. Read More >>

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Star Wars’ Ships Have Terrible Aerodynamic Designs

When you’re flying around in space, where there’s no air or wind resistance, aerodynamics aren’t important. That’s why the Star Trek Borg ship is just a giant cube and still works just fine. But when ships are also visiting planets with atmospheres, aerodynamics do come into play — and apparently neither the Rebels nor the Empire in Star Wars know the first thing about properly designing flying vehicles. Read More >>

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Awesome Star Wars Fan Film Imagines an Empire That Never Stopped Fighting After Return of the Jedi

Like how some soldiers never stop fighting a war well after it’s ended, this short film Call of the Empire, by Trevor Kerr, imagines a world where remnants of the defeated Empire are still waging war against the Rebels after the Battle of Endor. It’s like seeing a glimpse of what might have happened in a galaxy far, far away, a few years after the events of Return of the Jedi. Read More >>

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Listen to a £12,000 TIE Fighter Music Box Play the Star Wars Theme

There’s no denying it anymore, the watchmakers at MB&F must be obsessed with science fiction. That explains why the company’s last few timepieces looked like Deep Space Nine and a robot, and why its new music box is shaped like a TIE fighter, and plays the Star Wars theme. Read More >>

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TIE Fighter: Free to a Good Home

Apparently a guy in America named Valter had no takers on his original price of $150 / £95 for a 1/3 replica TIE Fighter, because he's lowered the price to a cool zero dollars. So if you happen to be travelling in Salt Lake City, call Valter ASAP to get something totally amazing for absolutely no money. Read More >>

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Giant TIE Fighter For Sale. Fits Real Pilot. Fires Party Poppers. £95 or Best Offer

"Have the coolest toy in your neighborhood!" this Craigslist ad says. "This TIE Fighter looks like shit!" says Sam Biddle. "It's way better than the TIE Fighter I built," replies Brian Barrett. "Let's buy it!" I say. £95? Come on! Read More >>