Time Capsule Opened to Reveal Ancient, Mysterious Treasures of 1993

Students at Shenandoah University in the US state of Virginia recently opened a time capsule from the ancient, mysterious world of 1993. What did they find inside? Bizarre contraptions like a so-called “cassette tape.” Read More >>

WWII-Era Time Capsule Found in US Home, and the Contractor Wants Internet Sleuths’ Help

Do you know WWII veteran Richard Silagy or his family? Silagy lived in the city of Cleveland in the US state of Ohio, sometime after World War II and hid a time capsule filled with personal items in his home. The time capsule was recently discovered by a housing contractor doing improvements on the house, but a search online for Silagy or any living relatives has been a failure. The contractor is now turning to the public for help. Read More >>

Record-Breaking 131-Year-Old Message in a Bottle Found on Australian Beach

On 12th June 1886, a German ship in the Indian Ocean tossed a bottle into the water to track the currents. Amazingly, that bottle was discovered earlier this year on a beach in Australia, making it the oldest message in a bottle ever found—a time capsule, 131 years in the making. Read More >>

You Can Finally Buy a Copy of the Voyager Golden Record, Gold Plating Not Included

The Voyager 1 spacecraft might be the most famous time capsule in history, soaring through space as a testament to humanity’s achievements. We don’t know if intelligent life will ever find the craft or its contents, launched in 1977 to explore the planets before sailing indefinitely beyond our solar system. But at least humans here on Earth can finally own a piece of its history. Read More >>

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Hawaiian Airlines Seals New Time Capsule With Over 100 Items for the Year 2079

We’ve looked at a lot of different time capsules over the years. And quite frankly, most are incredibly boring. But they don’t have to be. Read More >>

Bomb Discovered In New York Turns Out To Be a Time Capsule

Construction crews in New York shut down a street in the Flatiron district yesterday after accidentally digging up a bomb. But they soon discovered that this bomb wasn’t filled with explosives. Surprisingly, the strange, metal artifact was filled with paper letters and photos. Yes, this bomb was actually a time capsule, originally buried in the 1980s. Read More >>

Does a Time Capsule Blasted Into Space Have a Better Chance at Surviving 100 Years?

To help celebrate the school’s 200-year anniversary, students at the University of Michigan have decided to build a time capsule. Boring, right? Not exactly. Instead of burying it, which would inevitably lead to its contents rotting away, the students want to blast it into space where it will orbit the earth for 100 years, potentially giving it a better chance at surviving. Read More >>

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Music Memorabilia Time Capsule Opened Prematurely, Which Is No Big Deal Because It Happens to a Lot of Guys

A secret time capsule was recently discovered under the floor boards of a historic dance hall in Tulsa. The capsule was filled with some very cool music memorabilia, including vinyl records, Elvis playing cards, and unused Rolling Stones concert tickets. But it was opened a little prematurely. Which is totally fine, and happens to a lot of guys, I’m told. Read More >>

Builders Dig up Blue Peter’s Time Capsule — 33 Years Too Soon

A time capsule buried way back in the happy days of 1998, when Geri Halliwell's hemline and David Beckham's temperament were all the world had to worry about, has been dug up. The only problem is it wasn't supposed to be dug up until 2050, as we can all still remember 1998 quite well. Read More >>

Confederate Time Capsule Opened, Is Filled With Soggy Rubbish

In 1895, the people of Louisville buried a time capsule with some rare Confederate artefacts. It included everything from a cigar smoked by the Confederate President Jefferson Davis to some Confederate currency. This week, the capsule was opened to reveal that it’s now just a bunch of soggy rubbish. How fitting. Read More >>

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Creepy Message From Kids Discovered in 1968 Time Capsule: ‘I Am Dead’

Demolitions crews in Albuquerque, New Mexico just discovered a time capsule from 1968 near a former elementary school. And based on the messages discovered inside, some kids of the late 1960s had a pretty creepy vision for the future. Or, perhaps, a creepy vision of their present. Read More >>

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Time Capsule Found, But it’s Missing a Cheque Made Out to ‘Generations Yet Unborn’

After months of searching, a history museum in Ohio has finally found a time capsule that was sealed by a local church in 1866. But it’s missing a few items, including a cheque that was supposedly made out to “generations yet unborn”. Read More >>

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Top Secret World War II Bomb Tech Discovered in Time Capsule 

When museum curators cracked open two time capsule drums in Dallas last week they didn’t know exactly what to expect. What they found were some amazingly well preserved pieces of World War II history—bombing technology that helped defeat the Nazis. Read More >>

Nazi Time Capsule Opened in Poland, But it’s Missing a Movie From 1934

Researchers in Poland have uncovered a time capsule dating from 1934. But this isn’t some ordinary time capsule with the run of the mill items you might expect. It has newspapers, coins, and books, all of which are common items for any time capsule. These items, though, were buried by Nazis. The books inside? Two copies of Hitler’s Mein Kampf, in perfect condition. Read More >>

Woman Finds Mysterious Disney Time Capsule in Her Wall

Janet Knox’s home is now just a shell of its former self. The recent floods in Louisiana have forced her to tear out the waterlogged walls of her house and begin the rebuilding process. But Knox has had at least one pleasant surprise during the clean up. She found a time capsule dating back to 1942 stuffed inside one of the walls in her home. But there’s something that doesn’t add up. Read More >>