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This Incredible Time Lapse of the High Plains During the Eclipse Brought Me to Tears

>Folks yak a lot of crap about the High Plains—mainly they complain about it being flat or boring as they drive down the infinitely straight highways. But a tour of places like Western Nebraska or South Dakota reveals a sublime landscape beneath a vast sky, accompanied by the humbling realisation that you are just one tiny human on this very big, stormy planet. Read More >>

Storm Clouds Look Even More Terrifying in Black and White

I love when photographer Mike Olbinski chases storms because his (always) stunning time lapses always remind me that the city I shelter myself in isn’t what the world is supposed to look like. The sky is a breathing beast that I’m blind to. Read More >>

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Watch Humans Destroy The Earth in 30 Years With Google Earth Time Lapse

Humans do not treat the Earth kindly, and now we have even more evidence. Google just updated the Google Earth Engine to include four years of additional imagery, petabytes of new data, and generally a much clearer view of any location on Earth from 1984 to 2016. The best part: You can watch any area on Earth in a time lapse video. Read More >>

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Watching Ice Cream Melt Up Close Will Make You Crave Ice Cream

Time-lapse footage has the power to turn mundane things into the most fascinating video you’ve ever seen. Aside from making sure you don’t step in it, you’d probably barely notice ice cream melting on the sidewalk. But when the hours long process is sped up so it takes just a few seconds, you’re left with something spectacular—and an insatiable craving for ice cream. [YouTube via Taxi] Read More >>

These Moving Time Lapses are Made with Just a Single Still Photograph

Though it may seem like you’re watching a time lapse that uses hundreds of photos of a scene to track the passing of time, you’re actually just looking at a single picture “moving” with the magic of software called Platograph Pro. It’s one still photograph that’s been moved digitally. How? Read More >>

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Aurora Look Incredible Filmed From the Space Station in Ultra HD

Here’s something to start your week off right: NASA Television’s latest feature, a compilation of stunning vistas of both the Aurora Borealis and Aurora Australis, as viewed from the International Space Station and filmed in 4K Ultra-High Definition. Read More >>

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Plasma-Cutting Steel Underwater Is a Wondrous Phase of Shipbuilding

Thanks to this explanatory video full of really cool time lapse footages, we can take a look inside BAE Systems’ shipbuilding halls in Scotland, where the new offshore patrol vessels for the Royal Navy are being built as part of a £348 million contract. Read More >>

Building Scaffold Inside the Capitol Rotunda Is a Work of Art Itself

The United States Capitol Dome is currently under restoration; the scope of the project both interior work to the rotunda, and exterior work on the dome. This eye catching time lapse video, released in October, shows how scaffolding and drapery were added inside the rotunda after the installation, to protect the building flooring and historic art: Read More >>

This Time-Lapse of Dubai is the Dubai of Time-Lapses

Remember when time-lapses first started hitting the internet? Simple sunsets over the word's greatest cities were enough to enthral. No more. Read More >>

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This Timelapse Shot in 10K Resolution is Fantastically Bonkers 

4K? That's so last year. 8K? Yesterday's news. This timelapse video was shot in an astonishing 10K resolution using an 80 megapixel camera. The level of detail in these gorgeous shots is mind-boggling. Read More >>

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It Took 25 Hours of Continuous Concrete Pouring to Build This Aquarium

When the Miami's Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science opens in 2016, it's going to have an absolutely bonkers aquarium—imagine a giant camera lens, tilted on its side, that lets visitors walk below the tank and look up into it. Building it, as you might expect, entailed a perfectly-timed, magnificently-engineered fiasco. Read More >>

Beautiful Long Exposure Photo of the Lunar Eclipse Rising Over China

NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day is featuring this long exposure photo of the lunar eclipse rising over the city of Chongqing, China, captured by photographer Zhou Yannan on October 8. The zooming tail effect as the Moon went out of the eclipse is fantastic. Read More >>

iOS 8’s Time-Lapse Video Tool Demoed

Captured on an iPhone 5S upgraded with the iOS 8 beta, this lovely embedded video shows the amount of fun to be had when messing around with time-lapse cameras. iOS 8 users will be able to enjoy analysing the movements of clouds in unprecedented detail later this year when Apple launches the update. [9to5Mac] Read More >>