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North Korea Plans to Adjust Time Zone After Spending Two Years 30 Minutes Behind South Korea

North Korea has been 30 minutes behind South Korea ever since Kim Jong Un created “Pyongyang Time” in 2015. But starting 5th May, North Korea will adjust its clocks to sync with South Korea in yet another step toward normalised relations, according to state news agency KCNA and Reuters. Read More >>

Distorted Map Shows Each Country Forced Into Its Time Zone

A new map from XKCD’s Randal Monroe offers a glimpse into a bizarre alternate world where each country is forcibly squeezed into its respective time zone(s). Read More >>

How to Update Your Google Calendar When Traveling Across Time Zones

As you make your way around the world, you may want your calendar appointments to shift to match your current time zone, or you might need them to stay fixed no matter where you are—fortunately Google Calendar lets you switch between both options if you delve into the settings for its mobile apps. Read More >>

A Map of Just the World’s Time Zones

Time zones can be confusing things. But this map, which looks like it could be a piece of modern art, strips them back to their essence: this is how the world looks if the only thing you can see is the time zone boundaries. Read More >>

How the Time of Sunrise and Sunset Varies Around the World

Time zones are strange old things, especially the way they prescribe one time to thousands of miles of land mass—so this visualisation shows which parts of the world experience unusually early and late hours of daylight as a result. Read More >>

Spain Might Jump Time Zones to Stimulate its Economy

If your economy isn't doing so well, just jump into another time zone. This might be the next step for Spain, according to a proposal being kicked around since September. Read More >>

This Analogue Clock Has the Correct Time for 24 Different Time Zones Around the World

Over at Instructables, SelkeyMoonbeam has figured out a clever way to make one analogue clock tell the time of 24 different time zones. All you have to do is turn the clock's base to the city (or time zone) you're in, and the clock will show the right time. Read More >>