Why Does Time Slow Down and Speed Up?

Time contracts, expands, swallows and spits you out into this instant, which feels – depending on your perspective – either impossibly remote from where you were two years ago or barely removed from it at all. Flight delays, breakups, bouts of serious illness – all can bring you back to the high school classroom where it’s somehow slo-mo clock. You feel every tick. Meanwhile, an uneventful year can spool out in what feels like six days. Or maybe the reverse is true for you. The perception of time is intensely personal, not to mention effectively unmeasurable. But few if any internal clocks are synced to UTC – no one experiences time at an even, unvarying rate. For this week’s Giz Asks, we’ve reached out to a number of experts to find out why. Read More >>

A Norwegian City Wants to Abolish Time

Every day, the Earth rotates. The Sun appears on the horizon in the morning, and then some time later, it sets. We’ve built our lives and societies around this periodicity, with days that are divided into hours, minutes, and seconds, all kept track of by clocks. But in some places on Earth, the Sun rises only once per year, and sets once per year. With their concept of a day already so estranged from the rest of the world’s, one Arctic population started thinking: What if we ditched the concept of time altogether? Read More >>

For the Love of Dogs, Make Daylight Saving Time Permanent Everywhere

Time is a construct. Or at the very least, the ways in which we tell time are just literally made up. Which means one glorious thing: freedom. The kind of freedom I want in my own life. The kind of freedom that will give me a precious extra hour of daylight to do the one thing on this Earth that gives me unfettered joy: hiking with my dog. Read More >>

International Dispute Causes European Clocks to Run Slow

The agency that represents Europe’s synchronous electrical grid recently cleared up the confusion for people who might have found themselves inexplicably running late. It placed the blame on an ongoing dispute between Kosovo and Serbia. Read More >>

This Turning-The-Clocks-Back Nonsense Needs to Stop

So, as you know unless you live beyond the concept of time, the clocks turned back this weekend; a process that forces millions to endure their daily commutes in darkness. While many have argued that daylight saving time is pointless and should be abolished, I’d like to firmly disagree with that sentiment: saving daylight is brilliant, and we should do it all year. Read More >>

Don’t Forget the Clocks Go Back This Weekend

If you're out partying this Saturday night/Sunday morning, don't forget that the clocks are going to back and confuse your alcohol-addled brains. Read More >>

The Planet is Grinding to a Halt at a Speed of Two Milliseconds Per Century

Today dragging more than usual? Already done all the things you do and it's still not really time to start drinking in bed in front of Netflix? That'll probably be down to the bloody speed at which the bloody earth is spinning around the bloody sun, mate, as scientists counting things have noticed it's getting slower as the centuries pass. Read More >>

You’ve Never Seen Birds Fly Like This Before

Flight is one of those evolutionary wonders that’s hard to fully appreciate with two squishy eyeballs and a linear sense of time. But we’re no longer limited to what nature gave us, thanks to the wonders of photo editing. As Barcelona-based photographer Xavi Bou shows, a few simple tricks can reveal the dizzying artistry of a bird rustling its wings. Read More >>

2016 Will Gain an Extra Second on New Year’s Eve

The International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Service (IERS), which sets the time which standardises the world’s clocks, just announced that it is tacking an extra second on to the end of 2016. What will you do with yours? Read More >>

Add Heart Rate Monitoring to the Pebble Time With a Simple Snap-on Case

Pebble smartwatches have always taken a more basic approach when it comes to cramming functionality into a wearable. But for those hoping their Pebble was a little more capable as a fitness tracker, Tylt has designed a simple case that upgrades the Pebble Time with a heart rate monitor. Read More >>

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Why Do We Turn Back Our Clocks For Winter?

In the UK, we have a man called William Willett to blame for the endless (well, twice a year) fiddling of our clocks, as it was Willett who convinced some MPs in the early 1900s that it might be a good idea to shift the day about to make better use of the seasonal changes in day length. Read More >>

Pebble Time Round Is a Smartwatch For People Who Don’t Like Smartwatches

“It looks like a watch!” my wife proclaimed, when I showed her the Pebble Time Round. She wasn’t stating the obvious. She meant that out of all the smartwatches she’d ever seen, it’s the first one that looks like something she would wear. Read More >>

What is the Molecular Clock, Exactly?

In the 150 years since Charles Darwin recognised the kinship of all life, scientists have worked to fulfil his dream of a complete Tree of Life. Today, the methods used to trace the evolutionary branches back through time would exceed Darwin’s expectations. Scientists across a range of biological disciplines use a technique called the molecular clock, where the past is deciphered by reading the stories written in the genes of living organisms. Read More >>

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It’s North Korea O’Clock for Rogue Communist Regime

Maverick state North Korea has decided it wants to be slightly more isolated and awkward than usual, with reports claiming it's instructed its people to turn their clocks back by half an hour -- in an attempt to give the nation its own unique time zone. Read More >>

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Why Leap Seconds Confuse Computers

On tuesday, time on Earth had a leap second. The planet’s computer systems survived unscathed, thanks to months of careful preparation by engineers. But here’s a concise explanation of why, left to their own devices, a collection of very expensive computers could’ve thrown a hissy fit. Read More >>