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Watching This Guy Build a Giant Lego Star Destroyer is Hypnotic

The massive, ruined Star Destroyer in the Jakku desert might be the strongest image Star Wars: The Force Awakens has. It’s a perfect encapsulation of the film’s themes and history. And watching this YouTuber build his own is just as mesmerising. Read More >>

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No Visit to Rome Will Ever Be as Spectacular as This Hyperlapse Race Through the City

Before you decide to travel to an exotic locale, you now have to stop and ask yourself if it’s worth dealing with a terrible airline to get there. The answer, obviously, is no. But you have no reason to be upset about not seeing Rome, at least, thanks to this amazing hyperlapse video. Read More >>

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Fast-Forward Through Two Years of Stunning Seasonal Changes With This Drone Timelapse

Instead of propping up a camera on a tripod for an entire year to capture a timelapse of the seasons changing, Will Strathmann piloted his drone over some amazingly scenic landscapes in the spring, summer, fall, and winter, recreating the same flight path as closely as possible each time. Read More >>

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Timelapse Footage of Sweating Fingerprints Ready to Smear Your Smartphone

Thousands of nearly invisible sweat pores live amongst the spiralling ridges on your fingertips. They only reveal themselves if you’re patient enough to wait for them to start working. Luckily, the good folks of YouTube’s Timelapse Vision Inc. channel were kind enough to create footage of sweating fingerprints that look like a car crash: you don’t want to look at it, but once you do, it’s impossible to look away. Read More >>

Watch a Photoshop Master Effortlessly Move This Car to a Beautiful Mountain Setting

You might think you know every last trick in the book when it comes to Photoshop, but there’s a good chance your photo manipulation skills pale in comparison to how Sebastian Pichard can push pixels around. Read More >>

Melting M&Ms Look Like Exploding Supernovas

Drop a couple of M&Ms in a petri dish filled with water, point a Sony A7R M2 camera at the experiment capturing a 4K timelapse, and what you get is some remarkably beautiful footage of the colourful candy coating melting away. Without the ‘m’ stamped on each candy, you would almost assume this was footage from by a telescope peering deep into space. [Vimeo via PetaPixel] Read More >>

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Watching a Slug Going Up a Wall in Timelapse Is the Only Way to Watch a Slug

Slugs should be much cooler to watch. They have antennae that wriggle around, and their method of forward motion is weird. But they are just so damn slow. You feel the slug’s pain and respect its patience, but you don’t really want to look very long. Whether it’s moving at 20x or 40x, timelapse is truly the way to watch a slug do its thing. Read More >>

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Watching Bugs Crawl Across Blooming Flowers Is Quite Lovely

Watching flowers bloom in a timelapse is always fun because they sprout up in this graceful, almost balletic way. Artist Yoshiyuki Katayama somehow managed to add bugs crawling to that dance, which makes it even more lovely. That's because it’s like watching life happen at two different speeds all at the same time. Read More >>

This is How You Quickly Plop an Olympic Swimming Pool Into a Basketball Stadium

There are lots of professional sports venues that can be transformed to accommodate basketball and hockey, or baseball and football. But this timelapse video showing a temporary Olympic-sized, above-ground swimming pool being installed in a stadium in Omaha will make you angry at the six-foot inflatable kiddie pool your parents bought you as a kid. Read More >>

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Timelapse Footage of Tornado-Spewing Storms is a Sneak Peek at the Apocalypse

If you didn’t grow up in the American Midwest, you’ve probably never truly experienced the fury of a tornado-spewing summer thunderstorm. Wedding photographer Mike Olbinski spends his spare time chasing those storms, and edited 60,000 frames worth of timelapses into this six-minute montage called Vorticity that will leave you with a new respect for Mother Nature. Read More >>

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The Gypsum Sandstorms of White Sands Are Gorgeous in New Timelapse

There’s nothing that makes you feel smaller than an expanse of nothing but sand and sky. Read More >>

A High-Speed Timelapse Build of Lego’s Giant New Porsche Is 25 Minutes Long

We already knew Lego’s new Porsche 911 GT3 RS Technics set weighed in at a whopping 2,704 pieces, and measures over half a metre in length. But the complex build takes so long that even an accelerated timelapse video of it being assembled is still over 25 minutes. But it’s not like you have anything better to do today. Read More >>

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A Tree on Fire in the Forest Can Be Quite Beautiful

Before we all freak out, this was a controlled burn in the Kaibab Forest in northern Arizona and it was totally (mostly?) safe to film. Well, I sure hope it was. Either way, the individual trees that were on fire look spectacular against the starry night sky and the rest of the forest. Read More >>

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Saigon is Even More Beautiful When You’re Racing Through the City at Warp Speed

Shot using a DJI Osmo stabilised camera to ensure buttery smooth footage, Rufus Blackwell’s hyperlapse video of Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), Vietnam, somehow makes the city more beautiful even though you feel as if you’re racing through it at the speed of sound. If all holiday videos looked this captivating, you’d be happy to visit your friends after a trip. Read More >>

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This Timelapse of Californian Wildfires Is Absolutely Apocalyptic

Filmmaker Jeff Frost has documented over two dozen wildfires in California over the past several years. To convey the extent of these blazes, he has put together a timelapse video showing them from a unique—and horrifying—perspective. Read More >>