Björk Says She’s ‘Tinder For Technology’ – And She’s Right

We've heard lots of things described as 'Tinder for...' or 'Uber for...' but never a person. Until now: innovative musician Björk says she's "a matchmaker app" between tech and music. And it actually makes a lot of sense. Read More >>

Tinder Did a Joke VR Headset

So often the butt of the tech community’s jokes because its app values good looks, which aren’t common in our field, Tinder has hit back with a spot of trolling of its own, unveiling a joke ‘virtual reality’ headset that’s actually nothing more than a box with two face holes. Read More >>

US Government Officials Can’t Stop Spying on Their Crushes

On Monday, a top prosecutor in the Brooklyn district attorney’s office was arrested amid allegations that she used an illegal wiretap to eavesdrop on a coworker and an NYPD detective. Read More >>

Tinder Introduces More Inclusive Gender Options

Today, Tinder introduced a new update that expands the platform’s gender options. Now, instead of choosing between “man” or “woman,” a user can search for and add any term that reflects their gender identity. Read More >>

These Stories of People Who Got Scammed on Tinder are Heartbreaking

If someone asks you to send them money on a dating app like Tinder, don’t do it. This might sound like common sense, but in a world where more people are meeting potential partners online, it can become all too easy for otherwise intelligent people to get scammed. And these Tinder horror stories are a testament to that. Read More >>

Tinder Somehow Found a Way to Be Even Creepier

Tinder, with its data-driven approach to romance, has always had a slightly creepy feel — it’s basically just a game to win, after all. But now, with a new feature called Smart Photos, the app has gone one step further in turning its users into human guinea pigs whose every swipe is catalogued and carefully tracked. Read More >>

Tinder Boost Lets You Jump to the Front of the Matchmaking Line, for a Price

If you live in a fairly well populated area, you will find that there are a lot of people on Tinder. Especially men. So trying to make sure you stand out could be a little bit difficult. But worry not, because Tinder has a solution. Read More >>

This Creepy App Lets You Stalk Facebook Friends on Tinder

One of Tinder's most redeeming irritating qualities is that you have to have a Facebook account to log in, which sucks because Facebook is awful. But what if there was a way you can use that to your advantage, in a legitimate and definitely 100 per cent not creepy way? Read More >>

Tinder Now Helps You Swipe Left on Nickelback Fans Before It’s Too Late

Music is an important indicator of a person’s character. I refuse to date anyone who regularly listens to Dave Matthews Band, for example, because Dave Matthews Band is terrible. But sometimes you don’t discover this important information until it’s too late, and then you’re stuck on a lame date with someone who has awful taste in music. Read More >>

Tinder for Threesomes Got Totally Boned, Moves on

Tinder recently went to war with 3nder, an app designed to help users find some three-person fun. Tinder’s primary complaint was the similarity between the two names: 3nder, evidently, was just too close to Tinder. 3nder disputed this at the time, but now, in what appears to be an effort to duck the thorny legal issues, 3nder has rebranded as “Feeld”. Read More >>

Tinder Orgy – Sorry, Social – Has Launched in the UK

Tinder, the app that initiates friendships and nothing else, has launched Social -- soon to be known as the group sex feature -- in the UK. Read More >>

Tinder Bans Most Teens

In case you had any doubt, Tinder is for adults only: The dating app is banning users younger than 18 starting next week. Read More >>

Tinder Is Going to War Over Threesomes

You might remember 3nder, the oddly-named dating app for finding your very own three-person sexy time party. Well it seems that Tinder, a dating app with a similar name, is threatening to sue the company behind the app. Read More >>

Tinder’s Newest Feature Will Make it Easier to Find Orgies Near You

If there’s one thing missing from Tinder, it’s group sex. The swipe-happy app is great for getting laid old school-style — waking up in the morning next to someone you will no doubt forget about by the afternoo n— but it’s less helpful for finding some more-that-four fun. Read More >>

Swipe Buster Will Find Your Dad on Tinder — For a Fee

So how do you find someone's Tinder profile without going down the potentially dangerous path of creating a Tinder profile yourself? You can, if so minded, pay a service to do the digging for you, with new tool Swipe Buster asking for just (!) £3.50 to look up someone's entirely innocent friendship profile. Read More >>