9 Google Tricks For Better Search Results

Google is such a powerhouse search engine that it has not only injected itself into our everyday lives, it's even a verb now. Read More >>

Restaurants Face Ban on Top Slicing Staff Tips

The prime minister has said something that isn't incomprehensible legal negotiation politics for once, stepping into the row about the common practice of restaurant chains keeping a proportion of staff tip money for themselves. A forthcoming law change will put an end to it, making it a crime to touch the few quid diners leave on the table for their service. Read More >>

10 Tips to Improve Your Mental Maths Ability

Calculators are awesome, but they’re not always handy. More to the point, no one wants to be seen reaching for the calculator on their mobile phone when it’s time to figure out a 15 per cent gratuity. Here are ten tips to help you crunch numbers in your head. Read More >>

the grand tour
How to Watch The Grand Tour on Your Android Handset

Android-using people wanting to tune into the first and only opening episode of The Grand Tour on their phones this morning were in for a nasty surprise when they tried to download the Amazon Video app from the Google Play store. Read More >>

Four Tricks to Work Faster in Google Docs

If you use Google Docs, you probably work on a lot of documents with other people. However, there are some smaller and lesser-known options you might not know about that can take your productivity to the next level. Here are four easy tricks you can use to be more productive in Google Docs. Read More >>

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How to Get Extra Space on Any USB Drive

Most of your digital files are probably stored up in the cloud these days, but the humble USB stick still comes in handy every now and then. It’s a simple way of getting data from one computer to another or just keeping a backup of important files. If you’re struggling to cram all your files onto one USB drive, here’s a quick trick that can free up several gigabytes of extra room. Read More >>

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Eight Tricks to Take Better Photos With Your Phone

In the never-ending quest for great mobile photos, it can be tempting to ditch the camera app that comes with your phone for something far more advanced and exotic. However, if you know what you’re doing, you can get some high-quality results from the default camera app on your iPhone or Android device — and here’s how. Read More >>

Four Easy Tricks to Make Google Chrome Run Faster

Google Chrome is an essential tool for many of us, but it’s by no means perfect. A slowdown in performance is one of the criticisms often levelled against the browser. If you want to quickly improve the speed of Chrome and the sites you’re visiting without delving too deep into its inner workings, you should find this guide to be extremely useful. Read More >>

Nine Google Search Tricks You Need to Be Using

Google is your portal to everything out there on the World Wide Web...but the search engine is also your portal to more and more of your personal stuff, from the location of your phone to the location of your Amazon delivery. If you’re signed into the Google search page, and you use other Google services, here are five search tricks worth knowing. Read More >>

How to Stop Facebook From Bringing Up Your Bad Memories

Facebook’s getting bigger on nostalgia these days, now that it’s got several years of our lives stored up in its digital vaults. But if you’d rather live in the present and make a clean break with the past—or just one person in particular—here’s how to do it. Read More >>

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Six Reasons to Use Airplane Mode That Don’t Involve Flying

Technically, Airplane Mode (or 'Aeroplane Mode' as we Brits should really call it) is meant to prevent your phone from interfering with the instruments on board an aircraft (even though we know the risk of that is relatively low). However, it can prove useful in a host of other situations too, so here are six handy airplane mode tricks. Read More >>

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Four Tricks to Make Your iPhone Faster

We’ve shown you quick tips for getting Windows, OS X, and Android running that little bit faster, and now it’s time to tackle the iPhone. If your iPhone is showing signs of sluggishness, here are a couple of quick fixes to put a spring back in its step. These tricks are fast, free, and easy to do. Read More >>

How to Deal With Your Inbox, According to Science

There are plenty of methods for coping with email overload, and you probably have one or two tricks of your own to try and reach inbox zero. But what about tips backed up by proper scientific research? These nuggets of advice are all based on recent studies of our email habits. Read More >>

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How to Maybe Stop Procrastinating

Everybody procrastinates. Well, every sane person does. That’s because it’s nice to not think about what we have to do and it’s so much more fun to just play video games and distract ourselves from reality. But then eventually we still have to do the thing we had to do and we now have less time to do the thing because of our procrastination. How do we stop procrastinating? Read More >>

4 Ways to Help Your Laptop Enjoy a Longer Life

If you’re shelling out hard-earned cash on a laptop, then you want to make sure you get years of service out of it. Some wear and tear (both physical and digital) is inevitable along the way, but if you take good care of your machine you can keep it running smoothly for longer—just like a well-maintained car or bicycle. Read More >>