You Can Now Build Your Own Login Security Key With Google’s Free Software

If you genuinely take your online security seriously you should be using two-factor authentication paired with a security key every time you log in. There are lots of options out there, including Google’s own Titan security key set, but the company has also recently released software you can use to build your own using a $10 dongle. Read More >>

Cool NASA Concept Envisions a Shapeshifting Robot to Explore Saturn’s Moon Titan

Why send one robot to explore a world when you can send a whole load all at once? Such is the thinking behind NASA’s highly conceptual Shapeshifter – a modular, morphing, self-assembling robot capable of deploying several smaller machines. Read More >>

Scientists Have Detected Enormous Dust Storms on Saturn’s Moon Titan

The discovery of enigmatic dust storms on Titan means the Solar System’s most exotic moon just took it up a notch. Read More >>

New Images Show Saturn’s Moon Titan in Incredible Detail

Our limited human eyesight can really constrain our understanding of the universe. We can see only a thin swath of light’s wavelengths, those waves with peaks 390 to 700 nanometres from crest to crest. This means we miss any light-emitting details coming from other wavelengths, such as from radio and microwave light, as well as infrared, ultraviolet, and x-ray. Read More >>

Saturn’s Fascinating Moon Titan Has Yet Another Thing In Common With Earth

Titan—Saturn’s largest moon—is remarkable in that it features a dense atmosphere and stable liquid at the surface. The only other place in the solar system with these particular characteristics is, you guessed it, Earth. Thanks to a pair of new studies, we can add a third trait to this list of shared characteristics: a global sea level. Read More >>

Cambridge Plant Nerds Prepare for Death Flower

Botanists and people with even just a casual interest in gardening are focusing on Cambridge University's greenhouse this week, as one of plants prepares to launch its stinky flowers out into the world for the first time since 2004. Read More >>

Our Next Trip to Saturn Will Be to Search For Alien Life

As the Cassini spacecraft executes its final daredevil manoeuvres, scientists on both sides of the Atlantic are already thinking about the next mission to Saturn. But this time around, nobody’s talking about studying the gas giant itself. They’re talking about hunting for life in Saturn’s rings. Read More >>

Watching the Clouds Move on Titan Is Freaky as Hell

Watching clouds float by is usually a serene, relaxing experience. Watching methane clouds float by on Saturn’s moon Titan, however, is not. Read More >>

Smart People Figured Out What’s Carving the Deep Canyons on Saturn’s Moon

A network of dark canyons lines Saturn’s moon, Titan, but just what’s inside those trenches has remained mysterious—until now. Researchers just confirmed that those canyons are flowing with liquid methane. Read More >>

The Prospects for Alien Life on Titan Keep Getting Better

Saturn’s moon Titan is a frigid hellscape by Earth standards, but it’s also one of the most hopeful spots for discovering alien life in our solar system. A new scientific paper hints that conditions on Titan’s surface might be favourable for the chemistry of life to emerge. Read More >>

Saturn’s Moon Titan is Looking Even More Earth-Like

The Cassini mission is sending us better and better data and images of just what’s happening on the surface of Saturn’s moon Titan. And it’s beginning to look awfully familiar... Read More >>

There’s a Giant Ice Mountain on Saturn’s Largest Moon

If and when the space tourism industry takes off, Saturn’s moon Titan ought to be one our first destinations—especially after all of the glorious images released by NASA’s Cassini team this week. Several new infrared composites of the icy moon allow us to peer beneath its smothering haze. And if you squint a little, you can see something amazing on the surface. Read More >>

We Think We Know What These Mysterious Glimmers on Titan’s Surface Are

There’s something glimmering on Titan’s surface, and the truth behind the cause could be crazier than we expected. Read More >>