Titanfall is Free to Play for 48 Hours

Looking to counteract the hysteria around the Steam Summer Sale, EA is letting PC gamers on its Origin service play the amazing Titanfall for 48 hours, starting this weekend. [Origin] Read More >>

Xbox 360 Last Hurrah Titanfall YouTubed by Early Buyers

Titanfall is about to be the only thing men between about 14 and 34 ever talk or think about, with the sci-fi shooter launching on Xbox 360 in the US today and the UK on Friday. Thanks to the wonders of the internet, it's already been captured and uploaded by plenty of buyers, so we can see what it's really like on Microsoft's older machine. Read More >>

An Xbox One With Titanfall and COD: Ghosts for £384.99 is Your Deal of the Day

Next-gen consoles are always a bit too expensive when they first comeout, meaning that most people have to try and completely ignore them until the prices start to drop. However, coupled with that is a complete resentment of your existing console. Read More >>

Titanfall Hands-On: Do Big Mechs and Jetpacks Make for Big Changes to the FPS Genre?

"Prepare for Titanfall"; three words that have excited me more than any other moment from a next-gen title so far. It's klaxon call to ready you for the imminent sky-dropped arrival of your insane mech in Xbox One and PC exclusive Titanfall. And the fact that those words are uttered a handful of times during each quick-fire round is reason enough to take heed of the hype surrounding the game. Read More >>

Microsoft Bows Down to Titanfall Devs and Revises the Xbox One Controller’s Sensitivity

The Xbox One's gamepad is said to have 40 improvements over its Xbox 360 predecessor, but that still wasn't quite good enough for Titanfall developers Respawn. Read More >>

This GIF Has Single-Handedly Sold Titanfall for Me

If you're a fan of giant, rideable, butt-kicking robots (and really, who isn't?), and happen to be a PC or Xbox One gamer, then you'll need to drop whatever you're doing and head over to Sign up, and you could be mastering the next-gen heart-stopper before anyone else. Read More >>

The Controller Battery Indicator is the Best Thing About Next Week’s Xbox One Update

It's hard to believe that some of these "new features" weren't included in the first iteration of the Xbox One interface, but Microsoft's finally starting to plug the gaps in its next-gen system, with the first major update set to land next week. Read More >>

White Xbox One
Rumour: White Xbox One Coming in October as Well as 1TB Version

In the eternal words of Spinal Tap's Nigel Tufnel, Microsoft's Xbox One console is "none more black." Well, for the time being at least -- come October, there could be a "none more white" version too. Read More >>