Discovery of the Titanic Was Reportedly Part of a Conspiracy to Find Lost Nuclear Submarines

The case of the RMS Titanic sinking in 1912 has generated numerous absurd conspiracy theories over the years, but it turns out the discovery of its wreckage was indeed part of a real-life military cover-up. According to a new report, the team that found the “unsinkable” ship at the bottom of the ocean was actually charged with locating two missing nuclear submarines. Read More >>

Belfast Wants to Buy 5,500 Bits of the Titanic Back

A consortium of UK museums is trying to buy back quite a large portion of the Titanic, with a huge collection of around 5,500 salvaged pieces of the ship and its possessions and interiors hopefully about to go up for sale – and eventually head back to Belfast. Read More >>

Black Panther Has Beaten Titanic to Become the Third Highest Grossing US Theatrical Release of All Time

For years, James Cameron’s Titanic was the golden standard by which all American theatrical releases were judged, the magic money maker that no one would ever beat. Then, Cameron himself beat it, with Avatar, and a few years later Star Wars: The Force Awakens rocketed past both of those. Read More >>

Belfast’s Titanic Hotel Prepares for September Launch

The Titanic-ification of Belfast is set to reach new heights later this summer, with the opening of the Titanic Hotel in the Titanic Quarter of where they made the Titanic -- a luxury development based in the former offices of ship designer Harland & Wolff. Read More >>

Chinese Titanic Won’t Hit Iceberg or Sink

The Chinese builders of a full size recreation of the Titanic have promised it won't hit an iceberg or sink, for two rather large reasons. Reason one is that it's to spend its entire life in a dock at a theme park so won't be anywhere near wild icebergs, and reason two is that a plan to fake an iceberg impact for the enjoyment of visitors has been cancelled due to being rather in poor taste. Read More >>

Tours to the Titanic Offered for £86,000

A travel company says it has the technology to take people on romantic mini breaks around the wreck of the Titanic, with the asking price of just £86,000 per ticket making it the ideal Father's Day gift for the tech executive that's not quite rich enough to make it to the moon. Read More >>

Construction Finally Begins on Chinese Titanic Replica That Simulates the Disaster

A few years ago, plans were announced for a life-size replica of the Titanic, the luxury ship whose sinking inspired a very expensive movie and some great blogs. On Wednesday, construction of the large fake boat finally began. Read More >>

Marissa Mayer Will Dry Her Tears With £37m if She Gets Fired From Yahoo

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer may be the captain of Silicon Valley’s version of the Titanic, but that doesn’t mean she’s going to drown with her angry shareholders and discarded Yahoo verticals. Instead, she’ll be rolling around in nearly $55 million (£37.4m) worth of cash, stock options, and other assorted benefits. Read More >>

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Watch the Titanic Sink in Real Time

It’s not exactly the best pick-me-up, but if you were ever curious at just how inaccurate movies about the Titanic are, watch this animated simulation showing the infamous ocean liner sinking in real-time. You’ll just need to find a way to dodge work for two hours and forty minutes. Read More >>

The Sinking of the Titanic Gave The World a Great Invention

The sinking of the RMS Titanic in 1912 shocked the world. But there was one scientist who was inspired to come up with something no modern ship would be without: sonar. Read More >>

The Fascinating Engineering Details of the Titanic From a 1909 Journal 

It's over 100 years since the Titanic final, fateful journey. But tucked away in engineering journals dating even further back are some fascinating details about how the ship was built—and in this video, Engineering Guy Bill Hammack casts a thoughtful eye over them. Read More >>

The Woman Who Survived the Titanic, Britannic, and Olympic Disasters

Today I found out about Violet Jessop, "Miss Unsinkable," the woman who survived the sinking of the sister ships the Titanic and the Britannic, and was also aboard the third of the trio of Olympic class vessels, the Olympic, when it had a major accident. Read More >>

A Full-Size Replica of the Titanic is Being Built for a Chinese Theme Park

King of the world! Or, at least, "King of the Inappropriate Theme Park Attractions" -- a to-scale replica of the ill-fated Titanic is to become the centrepiece of a Chinese amusement park, it has been revealed. Read More >>

They Foolishly Claimed This Titanic Tea Bag Holder Was Unsinkable

Even though its design was on the cutting-edge of tea leaf infusion technology, when the Teatanic struck an ice cube on that cold April morning it was forever doomed to cling to the side of a mug lest it sink to the bottom forever. Read More >>