Netflix Finally Tells Us When We Can Legally Watch DC’s Titans in the UK

A lot of you may be aware that DC's Titans TV series is exclusive to the comic publishers own streaming service, DC Universe, which means it wasn't available to anyone outside the USA when it debuted back in October. Shortly before that date Netflix announced it had picked up the international streaming rights, but failed to tell us when we'd actually be able to sit down and watch the titular series. Two months later we've finally found out. Read More >>

One of Titans’ Coolest Gadgets Is Actually a Real Tablet

Because Batman and Robin don’t have any actual superpowers aside from access to the Wayne estate’s inordinate amount of wealth, they’ve always relied on cutting-edge technology to go toe to toe with all manner of supervillains. While still this is very much the case in DC Universe’s Titans, one of the Boy Wonder’s most powerful pieces of kit is actually something you can probably get your hands on if you know where to look. Read More >>

Netflix Just Picked up the International Rights to DC’s Titans TV Series

DC Universe, the streaming service dedicated to all things relevant to DC Comics, has just launched over in the US. The issue is that it's currently only available for Americans, meaning people like us can't sign up to enjoy all the original content that's being produced. Well there's some good news for you all, because it's been reported that Netflix has picked up the international streaming rights to Titans, the first of those original series. Read More >>

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The First Titans Trailer Is a Brutal Introduction to Another Very Dark DC Universe

If you’ve ever wanted to hear Robin say “Fuck Batman” before knocking the hell out of and killing a couple of street-level criminals, then allow us to show you the very first trailer for DC Universe’s upcoming live-action Titans series. Suffice to say that Teen Titans Go!, this is not. Read More >>