This Shiny Connected Toaster Uses Your Smartphone to Remember Your Perfect Toasting Settings

It’s one of the simplest appliances in your kitchen, but how many times have you popped bread in a toaster, only to have it nuke your slice because the previous user had it set to well done? Too often, which is why Griffin Technology’s shiny new Connected Toaster isn’t that absurd of an idea. Read More >>

Burnt Toast and Roast Potatoes are Your Cancer-Causing Foods of the Week

The latest food scare involves a thing known as acrylamide, a chemical created when things are burnt to a crisp. The bad news for us is that food researchers have found stronger links between nice burnt crispy foods and cancer, with the FSA suggesting that blackened toast, overly roasted potatoes and darker homemade chips are worse for us than previously thought. Read More >>

Cyclist Makes Toast With Legs

Olympic cyclist Robert Förstemann has a new party trick -- making toast with his legs. Not with the heat that comes off them after biking through cities in a rage at pedestrians, cars, potholes, infrastructure etc, but via powering an electric toaster for long enough to turn bread a nice shade of crisp. Read More >>

Controversial Jam Law Could Send Conserve Fans Underground in Search of Sweeter Hits

The EU is proposing to lower the minimum amount of sugar that needs to be in jam in order for it to be called jam, meaning jams could soon be made with 50 per cent sugar instead of the current 60 per cent required. This horror scenario could have us breakfasting like the savage Europeans, says one horrified MP. Read More >>

The Image Toaster Brings Google Images to Your Breakfast

We live in the future, so chances are you've got all manner of gadgets flashing and beeping at you to remind you what's happening on any given day. But your toast isn't in on all that fun. And why shouldn't it be? If you had something like the Image Toaster, it could be. And maybe someday you will. Read More >>