This Shiny Connected Toaster Uses Your Smartphone to Remember Your Perfect Toasting Settings

It’s one of the simplest appliances in your kitchen, but how many times have you popped bread in a toaster, only to have it nuke your slice because the previous user had it set to well done? Too often, which is why Griffin Technology’s shiny new Connected Toaster isn’t that absurd of an idea. Read More >>

What Do the Numbers on Toasters Mean?

Ever wondered what the numbers on your toaster... really... mean? This video explains. Read More >>

A Toaster Oven With a Bread Slot for When Pizza isn’t on the Menu

There are entire cookbooks dedicated to preparing meals using only a toaster oven, but most of us only ever use them for reheating pizza. So it seems like kind of a waste to have one sitting on the kitchen counter all the time. Unless it's the Toastation by Hamilton Beach, which adds traditional toaster functionality to a compact toaster oven, creating an appliance that's the best of both worlds. Read More >>

A Toaster For a Single Slice of Bread is Nothing to Be Sad About

Most people's first reaction to a toaster with just a single slot is to feel pity on the lonely soul who would need such a device. But that's the wrong reaction to have here. The pity part is ok—but not because the probable owner of this toaster must be single and lonely. It's more likely because they live in an incredibly cramped apartment with a kitchen no bigger than a closet. Read More >>

This Slim Toaster Has Clever Heated Pockets To Keep Your Toast Warm

Here's the trade off: if you want a slim toaster that doesn't gobble up too much counter space, you're going to be limited to how much toast you can make. But the Easy Toaster from Russell Hobbs incorporates a nice workaround. You can only toast two slices of bread at one time, but a pair of pockets on the outside steal heat from the toaster's elements to keep your breakfast warm while more slices toast. Read More >>

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Wow, This Is the Dumbest Thing To Do With a Toaster

When you stick anything metal into a toaster that's plugged in, something like this will happen. This is a pretty extreme/dumbass case, but something bad will happen. Every time. No no. No need to test it. This is what's up. Read More >>

Send Your Bread Through This Tunnel of Toast In the Morning

Minmising the risk of burning your fingers on piping hot toast, Arzum's new Firrin features a slide-out tray instead of the more traditional pop-up design used on most toasters. The tray allows you to stop the toasting process almost instantly when it's completely removed, and it looks a lot more efficient at collecting bread crumbs for easy disposal. Read More >>

The Image Toaster Brings Google Images to Your Breakfast

We live in the future, so chances are you've got all manner of gadgets flashing and beeping at you to remind you what's happening on any given day. But your toast isn't in on all that fun. And why shouldn't it be? If you had something like the Image Toaster, it could be. And maybe someday you will. Read More >>

Avoid Electrocution By Using This Toaster’s Clever Plastic Handles

you'll be hard-pressed to find a multi-slice toaster lacking an automatic pop-up feature these days. But if you're toasting non-standard sized baked goods, they can occasionally get trapped requiring you to either risk your life by jamming a knife in there to retrieve them, or upgrading to Ariete's Toaster Brunch. Read More >>

The Weather Printed on My Toast is Exactly What I Need in the Morning

Have you ever been drenched during your morning commute because you've forgotten to check the weather? If yes is your answer, Nathan Brunstein, may have an ingenious and rather, err, tasty, solution to that typically-British problem. Read More >>

Tiny Toaster USB Hub Is So Adorable You’ll Want To Vomit

There's seemingly an infinite supply of novelty USB flash drives and hubs for consumers to waste their money on, but none come close to the gag-inducing adorableness of this tiny toaster hub and accompanying anthropomorphised slices of toast. Read More >>

A Collapsable Accordion Toaster Would Save Precious Counter Space

If you're tired of your toaster just sitting around wasting counter space after the breakfast rush, you'll appreciate Quirky's Crisp toaster concept. Like playing an accordion, it can be squeezed down to a mere 2.5-inches wide so it's easy to store. Read More >>

Compact Slide-Through Toaster Works In Just 90 Seconds

Conveyor belt toasters help restaurants keep up with the breakfast demand, but the compact QuikServe from WestBend is instead designed for home use using a motorized system to pull your bread through, toasting it in a mere 90 seconds. Read More >>