Poundland’s Toblerone Goes on Sale Next Monday, But Only in Limited Quantities

After what seems like a lifetime of legal battles, Poundland and Toblerone-maker Mondelez have finally come to an agreement over the former's discount knock-off. The twin-peaked Twin Peaks bar will finally go on sale next Monday, but there are only ever going to be 500,000 of them on sale. Read More >>

The Poundland/Toblerone Legal Battle Rumbles On

Last month Poundland revealed that its Toblerone-like chocolate bar, dubbed 'Twin Peaks', had been delayed because Toblerone owner Mondelēz said threatened legal action as it felt Twin Peaks was too similar to its own triangular chocolate. Read More >>

Poundland Toblerone Clone Delayed Over Legal Threat

Poundland had a noble idea that would capture the hearts of the nation; rebuilding the damaged and laughable Brexit Toblerone. Going under the name of Twin Peaks and with a double-top mountain shape and no wide glacial valleys of shame between its edible mountains, the bar was set to launch in early July -- for £1 -- but has been delayed due to a legal threat from Toblerone maker Mondelez. Read More >>

Look What They’ve Done to Toblerone in the UK

Mondelez International is facing a mountain of fully deserved criticism after increasing the size of the gap between Toblerone’s famous peaks in order to reduce the weight of the chocolate bars. Read More >>