Kids Who Use Touchscreen Devices Sleep Less at Night

Touchscreen devices like smartphones and tablets are now fixtures of many households, so it comes as little surprise to learn that young children who don’t work or go to school are among their most active users. In the first study of its kind, researchers have learned that infants and toddlers who spend more time on these devices sleep less at night. It’s a troubling finding, but the reasons for these sleep disruptions are still unclear. Read More >>

The Greatest Tech Innovation in Squeaky Toddler Shoes is a Silencer Switch

An easy way to ensure toddlers don’t randomly yank their shoes off is to put a squeaker in there, turning every step into a symphony of fun sounds. Or, at least, fun to the child. To parents it can get annoying real fast, which is why Ikiki was smart enough to put on/off switches in its toddler shoes. Read More >>

This Week, Researchers Say Tablets and Phones are Bad for Young Kids

The latest set of research into what's good/bad for children has arrived, with a group of medical students claiming that using access to screens to pacify rogue toddlers can impact on their "social-emotional development" and is helping us unwittingly create a generation of uncontrollable psychopaths. Read More >>

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Experience Life From a Toddler’s-Eye View

Aww, remember what life was like as a 2-year-old? Toddling around, barely able to keep your spit from dripping out of your mouth and then not having the capacity to wipe it up. Eating mush. And always, always, chasing after Dadddddd-yyyyy. Read More >>

TV For Toddlers is “Potentially Negative” and Definitely Not Positive

US monitoring body the American Academy of Pediatrics has updated its research on the effects of TV-watching on toddlers, concluding that there are "potentially negative effects and no known positive effects" from plonking baby down in front of the box. Read More >>