Non-Porn Porno Pulled Off YouTube Anyway

An edited version of a porn film that -- initially at least -- circumvented YouTube's censorship policy by not actually showing anything rude happening has been removed from YouTube all the same. Read More >>

Having a Toe Bitten Off Must Be the Gnarliest Way to Spend NYE

New Year's Eve is always messy -- even if you managed this year to navigate the horrors of a night bus route, your next-day hangover still probably looked like a scene out of Requiem for a Dream. But you've nothing to write home about unless you've marked the turn of the year by having a toe bitten off by a fellow reveller. Read More >>

Nipples, Toes and Cat Paws Can Unlock Apple’s Touch ID Sensor

Bored iPhone 5S users across the world have been conducting experiments with the phone's new Touch ID sensor over the weekend, finding that it can also uniquely identify users by nipple scans, toes and even the skin on the paws of their cats. Read More >>

Wrinkly foot
Why Do Your Fingers and Toes Look Like Wrinkly Prunes In Water?

Ever wondered why your fingers and toes magically look like a wrinkly prunes when you're in the bath? Apparently it's all to do with gripping slippery objects. Oh, and it's nothing to do with absorbing water, either. Read More >>