Huge Queues Expected for Palace’s Golden Public Toilet

Attention criminally-minded plumbers: a fully golden toilet is about to arrive in the UK, where it'll be installed at Blenheim Palace. But in a thrilling twist to societal norms, this is for our dirty proletarian bottoms to touch, not just for passing for royalty to hover over as a servant neatly folds sheets of toilet paper. Read More >>

Queen’s Reject Toilet Rolls Embraced by Croydon School

A batch of German toilet roll rejected by the Queen – or the Queen's official toilet roll softness tester at least – has found a welcoming home in the cubicles of a school. Read More >>

Flushing Sodium Down the Toilet Could be the Last Thing You Do

Grant Thompson does silly stuff with science and when he received a request to flush sodium down a toilet he knew who to call — the man who flushed mercury down a toilet with a hypnotic swirl. All cleaned up, the mercury toilet meets its ultimate demise in a mushroom cloud of destruction. Read More >>

What Do You Do on the Phone When You’re on the Toilet?

Look, we all do it. Ever since smartphones made the rack of toilet water-sprayed magazines obsolete, our alone time in the bathroom has gotten a lot more interesting. How do you fill the one-to-three minute void when you're, um, voiding yourself? Read More >>

Why is Toilet Paper Always White?

Toilet paper is an odd thing. Despite the fact that we often rub it against one of the most sensitive parts of our bodies on a daily basis, very little thought is ever given to where it came from or how it's made. (On that note, it might surprise you to learn that toilet paper wasn't commonly used in the United States until the early 20th century and even later in many countries.) Read More >>

Club Toilet Users Plop Down Into the Cellar as Floor Collapses

We've all...ahem...dropped one in the loo. But it's not often you find yourself "dropping" along with last night's dinner too. Relief would have been the last thing seven men using the Hell Polish Club toilets in Eccles would have felt, as the floor of the facilities fell away beneath them. Read More >>

How a Build-Up of Methane Gas Caused a Toilet to Explode

We've all looked at a public toilet and thought it was a bit too ropey to plonk our butts down on, but rarely does it end with anything worse than a turned stomach and a serious shower once we've got home. But to come away with third degree burns from a trip to the loo? Read More >>

How Do You Poo in the Toilet of the Future?

When I first saw the design of the "Modular Construction Toilet", I had just one question: Where does my arse go? Read More >>

Man’s Complex Urinary Habits Gamified in Men’s Room Mayhem

Men's Room Mayhem is a resource management game in the style of popular air traffic control puzzler Flight Control, only instead of aeroplanes stacked up around Las Palmas Airport you're controlling men nervously circling the only free urinal. Read More >>

toilet seat
An LED-Infused Toilet Seat Is Your Runway-Lights-For-Your-Arse Deal of the Day

If there's one consumer area that technology has failed to advance it's the humble toilet seat. For decades now there's been a seat and (if you're lucky) a lid. But things just got a lot more interesting. Read More >>

Toilet Phone
Do You Ever Sit Down to Piss Just So You Can Keep Fondling Your Phone?

Apparently, one quarter of men have coughed to doing it lady-like, and taking a seat instead of standing tall to take a leak, just so they can continue to use their damn phones. Has it really come to this? Are we that addicted to our phones we can't even pee without them? Please say this is just a load of gumpf. Read More >>

Poop on the Moon
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Is There Poop on the Moon?

Everyone always talks about the wonders of space: its vastness, its complexity, and how exploring it is stretching the limits of human endeavour. Oddly, nobody ever talks about what astronauts do with their poop. Read More >>

Is This the World’s Most Over-Crowded Bathroom?

This is the male public bathroom at Celestial Heights in Ho Man Tin, Hong Kong. The room boasts a positively luxurious 27 square feet of floor space, into which eight urinals are squeezed. Eight urinals, with less than six inches separating each one. Read More >>

People Test Toilets Using Fake Poop?

If you always thought toilets just worked, be prepared to reassess. A company called Maximum Performance dedicates its activities to optimising your bathroom experience—and that's led it to develop fake poop for testing toilets. Really. Read More >>

I’m Pulling This Rapid Dispense Toilet Paper Prank on April Fool’s Day

Though pranking someone with fake toilet paper is infinitely more cruel, creating this fast action, rapid dispensing toilet paper will win you a more advanced level of laughter. Watch, when a person reaches for the toilet paper, the roll starts spitting out TP like crazy. Read More >>