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A New Design Promises to Quiet the Terrifying Roar of Flushing an Aeroplane Toilet

Flying has become an altogether unpleasant experience, from long security lines at the airport to cramped, uncomfortable seats. But one of the more unsettling parts of flying, those aeroplane toilets that sound like jet engines when flushed, might soon be much quieter thanks to some long overdue research from Brigham Young University. Read More >>

Last of the Big Train Stations Remove Toilet Charges

The turnstiles at three more national rail terminals have been set to infinite/free rotation, as Network Rail completes its plan to stop charging silly money for toilet access at key mainline sites. Parents waiting two hours for a train with a child rejoice. Read More >>

Flushable Wet Wipes Are Coming, But You Don’t Have Them Yet So Don’t Flush Any

Despite news stories, giant fatbergs, blocked train toilets and angry notices in student halls of residence, some people still stubbornly refuse to stop flushing their wet wipes. Read More >>

Water Firms Fight Fatbergs By Designing New Logo for Flushable Toilet Wipes

It feels like hardly a week goes by without a news story about a monstrous new fatberg being discovered in the sewers, clogging up the place with its mass of fat and wet wipes that people still flush away regularly. It's a pain for the water firms, and now they're planning on fighting back with the help of graphic design. Read More >>

This Stick-On Robotic Arm Promises to Put the Damn Toilet Seat Down For You

I’m just going to come right out and say it: urinating while standing is a terrible idea. It creates a host of messes including splash back and disgusting drips, and inevitably the toilet seat gets left up, leading to someone accidentally plummeting into the porcelain abyss. But until we can all agree to just sit down, the SmartNūdge promises to solve at least one of those issues. Read More >>

Bill Gates Showed Off a Jar of Poo to Get Us Jazzed About Toilets of the Future

Have you ever wondered which tech billionaire thinks the most about pooing? Well, ponder no further. It’s Bill Gates. Read More >>

Train Station Toilet Charges Axed From 2019

All train stations managed by Network Rail will see the joy of free toilets restored from 2019, as the outgoing chief executive tries to return a bit of dignity to the art of travelling by rail. Read More >>

London Plans £6m Secret Bus Driver Toilet Network

London's mayor has brought to light a problem we didn't know existed: the how and where of bus drivers going to the toilet. We always assumed they held it in until they got back to the depot and were perhaps trained in advanced muscle control and peristaltic wave interruption, but apparently not. Read More >>

Mayor Wants London to Become a Toilet Nirvana

London's mayoral office is preparing to release a draft version of the London Plan, a blueprint for future development of the city. And one early release concerns the mayor's plan to bring back the good old public toilet. Read More >>

BA Could Face £300k Compo Bill for Five-Hour Toilet Roll Crisis

A BA flight that spent hours on the tarmac while staff stressed about not having enough toilet roll could end up costing its operators hundreds of thousands of pounds in compensation and additional expenses, so perhaps it should've taken off anyway and told passengers to use the scented napkins? Read More >>

Japanese Toilet Makers Agree to Simplify Control Buttons for Confused Foreigners

On Tuesday, the Japan Restroom Industry Association announced that it had developed a new set of control panel illustrations for multifunctional “super toilets,” standardising the symbols for the benefit of foreign visitors. Read More >>

Japanese Airport Rolls Out Smartphone ‘Toilet Paper’ for Easy Tourism Boost

A Japanese airport has thought up a cost-efficient way of boosting tourism to the country, bringing ‘toilet paper’ for smartphones to 86 of its toilet cubicles. Read More >>

Cornwall Crowned Public Toilet Capital of the UK

An organisation that calls itself the Great British Public Toilet Map (GBPTM) -- described as the UK's largest database of publicly accessible toilets -- has broken down the numbers and dropped a load of fat, juicy, public toilet-related nuggets of wisdom to mark World Toilet Day. Read More >>

Oxford Researchers Promise Splashback-Free Urinals

A team from Oxford University has been lumbered with looking at ways to minimise the spreading of infections through splashing and spraying, with a lucky side-effect of coming up with something that might stop men splashing wee all over themselves when using a urinal. Read More >>

Man Gets Stuck In Toilet While Trying to Get Friend’s Phone Back

It’s a cautionary tale and it’s one about letting the tech you love go. And not climbing into literal shit holes. Read More >>