Engineers Rushing to Build Flying Car in Time For the 2020 Tokyo Games

Engineers in Tokyo are attempting to build a flying car that will help light the Olympic cauldron in 2020. And even though they still have a few years, it’s a race against time to achieve what so many other flying car designers have failed to do: Build a safe and reliable flying machine that can handle both the skies and the roads. Read More >>

Insane Startup Wants to Create a Man-Made Meteor Shower For the 2020 Olympics

In today’s ‘I can’t believe they’ve been funded’ news, a startup called Star-ALE wants to create a man-made meteor shower over the city of Tokyo for the 2020 Olympics opening ceremonies. But unlike fireworks, this pyrotechnics show will be visible from an area over 120 miles across Japan. Read More >>

Japan’s Olympic Stadium Debacle Should be an Example for Other Olympic Cities 

After years of controversy, Japan’s Sport Council has chosen a new design for an Olympic stadium in Tokyo. It will be smaller, more sensitive to its surroundings, and (relatively) inexpensive; it could even become a model for other host cities. Read More >>