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5 Visions of the Future We Saw at Panasonic’s 100th Birthday Expo

Japanese tech corp Panasonic is 100 years old this year, and they're having a big old celebration in Tokyo in the form of an exhibition. As you might expect, said exhibition includes plenty of Panasonic's past, with some glorious ancient tech on display from back when the company was called National: Read More >>

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Artist Recreates His Trip to Tokyo Through 30 Charming Short Animations

Having previously shown us what living in Los Angeles and New York City is like through a series of perfectly-looped GIFs, artist James Curran has now brought Tokyo to life with another adorable collection of animations, this time based on his experiences while living in Japan for a month. Read More >>

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Teleport All Over Tokyo on This Super Fun Bike Ride

There’s no crazier playground in the world than Tokyo, and there’s no better form of transportation than teleportation. So watching BMX rider Nigel Sylvester zap himself around all the wild, weird, and fun of Tokyo through clever video editing is a helluva trip. Read More >>

Scientists Harness The Power of Tongues 

Stick out your tongue and wiggle it around a bit. Notice how unique and strong this muscle is, and how much it does for you. It’s one of the reasons why scientists are pioneering research into tongue input technology. Read More >>

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Seeing Tokyo at Night from Above Makes It Look Like a City for the Machines

It’s not the best way to capture the uniqueness of a city like Tokyo—all the way up in the sky, and away from the energy—but these aerial views are nice because they show off the massive sprawl and the lighting of city life at night. There are just so many damn buildings, and it’s so crowded. Plus being so far removed from the life in the city almost looks like a city for the machines. Read More >>

Insane Startup Wants to Create a Man-Made Meteor Shower For the 2020 Olympics

In today’s ‘I can’t believe they’ve been funded’ news, a startup called Star-ALE wants to create a man-made meteor shower over the city of Tokyo for the 2020 Olympics opening ceremonies. But unlike fireworks, this pyrotechnics show will be visible from an area over 120 miles across Japan. Read More >>

The Beginner’s Guide to Tokyo

Tokyo is the capital of contrasts. On one hand, it’s a mesmerising metropolis, a manic assult on the senses, a mélange of anime, cosplay, neon lights, Lolita girls and more raw fish than you could eat in a lifetime. Read More >>

This Will Be Tokyo’s 2020 Olympic Stadium

Japan’s Sport Council has had a turbulent few years deciding on a design for its Olympic stadium, but the governing body has finally chosen one. Read More >>

Tokyo is Fighting Rogue Drones With its Own Net-Carrying Drones

Fight fire with fire, so they say. Clearly Tokyo officials have been listening to that advice, because their police force is launching a fleet of net-carrying drones that will locate and capture other rogue drones being flown by members of the public. Read More >>

Creepy, Beautiful, Helpful, Badass: Here Come Futuristic Robots From Japan

The four-day International Robot Exhibition just wrapped up in Japan over the weekend, and the wild machines introduced in Tokyo, one of the world’s biggest robot hubs, did not disappoint. The show attracted 450 companies and 5,000 non-robotic humans. Here’s a look at some of coolest from the show floor. Read More >>

Violent Coasters Tackle Domestic Abuse in Tokyo

A company in Japan has taken a rather eye-opening approach in an effort to tackle domestic abuse levels caused by excessive amounts of drinking. Read More >>

Drones Buzz Golden Gate Bridge, Prompting Security Fears

The earthquake-prone Bay Area is already a pretty precarious area for bridges, but now suspicious drone activity is also a concern for San Francisco’s famous Golden Gate. Read More >>