Tokyoflash Kisai Spider Acetate Watch Makes a Web Out of Time and Your Punctuality

With its transparent display, multi-coloured LEDs and chunky white frame, Tokyoflash's latest wristwatch-come-mind bender, the Kisai Spider Acetate, looks cool, even if it's almost useless as an actual timepiece. Read More >>

Tokyoflash Kisai Rorschach Watch Turns Telling the Time Into a Psych Evaluation

Tokyoflash, purveyors of wristwatches so cryptic as to make your time keeping abilities more rather than less tardy, are back with the Kisai Rorschach, an e-paper watch that would require a psychology doctorate in order to read. Read More >>

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Kisai Breathalyser Watch Review: Is This Really a Watch?

Tokyoflash is famous for making watches that are a bit outside the norm. But normally, that means a binary display or some kooky LEDs. With their new breathalyser watch, the Intoxicated, they're catering to a different demographic: people who get so routinely wasted that they need a breathalyser permanently attached to their bodies. Read More >>

This Watch Will Tell You If You’re Too Drunk to Drive

Drink driving is obviously super dumb, but it can sometimes be difficult to tell what kind of effect a beer has had on your body. Fortunately, Tokyoflash's latest watch straps a breathalyser to your wrist so you can keep a check on things. Read More >>

Tokyoflash Spider Watch
Tokyoflash’s Latest Has Us Caught in a Web of Time

Have you grown tired of keeping a steadfast hold on time? Does your mind cloud with the mundane prospect of glancing at your wrist watch and immediately knowing how late you are? Tokyoflash has been working hard to alleviate your boredom, and with its latest watch design, you’ll never be quite sure what the time really is. Problem solved, right? Read More >>

The Kisai Upload Securely Stores Your Secret Files

Laptops gets stolen, hard drives fail, and thumb drives disapparate with unrelenting regularity. But with the Kisai Upload, you can keep your most precious power point presentations (read: porn) safely strapped to your wrist. Read More >>

This New Kisai Watch Reads Between the Lines

Tokyo Flash, the Japanese watchmaker with a flair for optical extravagance, has just released its newest user submitted design — the Kisai Online. Read More >>

Tokyo Flash’s Kisai Uzumaki Marks the Flow of Time with Swirling Vortex Hands

Japanese watchmaker Tokyo Flash has just released its newest user-designed timepiece. It may not be as famous (yet) as a certain other Uzumaki but it's certainly just as awesome. Read More >>

Tokyo Flash Finally Makes An Easy-to-Read Watch—Once You Figure It Out

I'll admit it, it's been nearly a month since I covered Tokyo Flash's Kisai Optical Illusion watch and I still can't read the damn thing (it's a schooner, I'm told). But the Japanese company's latest user-submitted design is actually quite easy to interpret (hint: it isn't Morse code). Read More >>

Look! It’s a Sailboat—Wait, No, It’s 4:15

You know what I hate? Glancing at my watch and actually reading the correct time. Thankfully, Kisai's new watch forces me to read it like I would a 1990's optical illusion poster. Read More >>

Daily Desired: A Watch That Makes It Really Hard to Tell Time

I hate everything about time. Being on time, looking at time, adhering to time. EVERYTHING. My hate for time is a big reason why I never wear watches because then, I would be handcuffed by time. AND WHO WANTS THAT. I'm a free spirit! Don't change me world! Or I can just wear this Kisai On Air Watch that looks more like a faceless watch than a timecuff. Read More >>

Kisai On Air Ultra-Minimalist Watch Is the Easiest Tokyoflash To Read Yet

Most of Tokyoflash's crazy watch designs are pretty hard to read -- at least for the casual observer. Its latest, the Kisai On Air, bucks that trend, but maintains the touchable innovative flair we've come to know and love. Read More >>

Tokyoflash Goes Old-School With a Pocket Watch Your Friends Still Can’t Read

Those crazy cats at Tokyoflash are at it again, but this time they're sending you through a time warp to when Gentlemen wore pocket watches, not those newfangled wrist-clocks. Read More >>

Tokyo Flash’s First Touchable Timepiece Looks Like Something Out of Iron Man

Looking like something out of Iron man, those crazy cats at Tokyo Flash are at it again, but this time it’s touchable. The Kisai Rogue Touch features four ‘hot-zones’ instead of buttons and even has slide to unlock. Read More >>