IFA 2018
For Some Reason, TomTom Has Made a New Satnav

I thought satnavs were a thing of the past, in this age of mobile phones and Google Maps, but apparently not. TomTom has just announced a brand new device called the TomTom GO Essential. I'm not sure exactly what makes it 'essential', but here we are. Read More >>

The TomTom Touch is More Insightful Than Your Average Fitness Tracker

That’s right, I said typed it. TomTom has just unveiled the Touch, a new fitness tracker with a difference. As well as monitoring your steps, heart rate and sleep, it also offers body composition analysis. Read More >>

The Coolest Thing About TomTom’s New Action Camera is its Clever Battery

TomTom’s new Bandit action camera at first seems to be just another uninspired rugged shooter. But a closer look reveals that even without trying the camera to see if it’s any good, I’m impressed by the clever battery design. Read More >>

Nike+ Support Comes to Gamin, TomTom and Other Fitness Wearables

Nike has just announced that a whole bunch of devices are about to be updated to support its Nike+ fitness apps. Read More >>

TomTom Squeezes a Heart Rate Monitor Into its GPS Watches

When we reviewed the TomTom Runner GPS watch last year, we pointed out that if you wanted to monitor your heart rate, you'd need to buy an extra accessory. But for athletes looking to seriously train their bodies, metrics on how fast or far they ran, swam, or biked isn't enough. So TomTom has updated the Runner GPS with a new Cardio version that now includes an integrated heart-rate monitor. Read More >>

Nightmare On Elm Street on Blu-Ray Is Your Halloween-Sorted Deal of the Day

As it's Halloween Eve today, we thought we'd look at arguably the most frightening man who has ever stalked the planet for the focus of today’s top bargain. No, not Jimmy Savile – we're talking about Freddy Krueger. Read More >>

Five of the Best-of-British Sat Nav Voices Going

With in-car sat navs these days, we forget the dangers of rummaging through a ripped and soiled A-to-Z with one hand, while changing lanes with the other. These days Britain's drivers can choose to be guided through life's twists and roundabouts by their favourite celebrities and fictional characters. Read More >>

TomTom Navigation for Android is Released (With a Slight Hitch)

Looks like TomTom has delivered on its October promise for the company's Navigation app for Android, which features offline driving directions, 2D/3D views, voice guidance and updates for the lifetime of the software. Sounds spiffy, but there might be a slight catch. You might not be able to even use the app at all. Read More >>

Navigate The Streets With TomTom’s New Android Navigation App

So you have an Android device, and Google Maps isn't quite cutting it? Not up to your standard, eh? Well, check it out, the GPS dudes over at TomTom have devised a new navigation for Android, and it's available to check out at IFA today! Read More >>

TomTom to Update Its Maps Every Single Day

TomTom was already a big player in digital mapping, and then it went and signed up to work with Apple on the new iOS maps app. Good news, then, for anyone who uses a TomTom provided service: their maps are soon set to update every single day, for free. Read More >>

TomTom Confirms Its Involvement With iOS 6 Maps

Following yesterday's announcement of Apple's new maps app in iOS 6, it came to light that at least part of the technology was powered by TomTom. Now, TomTom has confirmed its involvement. Read More >>

Nike and TomTom Want to Get You Fit With a Splash of NikeFuel

Nike's given its SportsWatch a revamp with TomTom to try and make it easier for your fat arse to compete with your mates for who’s the fittest. Let's face it -- we need all the encouragement we can get, so a dash of "NikeFuel" competition can't hurt. Read More >>

Your TomTom Buggered and Driving You Insane? It’s Because of the Leap Year

With all that Y2K rubbish we went through at the turn of the millennium you’d think that electronics manufacturers would be wise to date-related issues. Unfortunately, it seems TomTom wasn’t because some of its satnavs have been crippled by a “leap year bug”, driving users crazy and stranding them in the middle of bloody nowhere. Read More >>

Turn Your TomTom Into Marge or Mr. Burns—Excellent!

Homer Simpson has been available as a TomTom Voice Skin for a few years now, but other characters are finally getting their due as both Marge and Mr. Burns are now available to guide you to your destination. Read More >>

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TomTom Integrates Twitter and Facebook For Even Greater at-the-Wheel Distraction

Who needs distraction free driving eh? I want my social networks to come with me everywhere, even when I’m driving. TomTom’s granting my wish with its latest update to the TomTom iPhone app. Read More >>