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Watch Tony Hawk Geek Out Over His Favourite Gadgets

The Ride Channel has released a new video starring Tony Hawk, who is apparently obsessed with gadgets and technology. And you know what? Tony Hawk and this here blogger have a lot in common. Read More >>

Tony Hawk (Old) Can Still Pull Off His Famous 900

Seventeen years ago, extreme sports ambassador and titular Pro Skater Tony Hawk pulled off the 900 revolution at the 1999 X-Games. The trick involves rotating the board two and a half times while midair (and in normal gravity), and Hawk struggled with it back in his spry days. Now 48, he gives it another crack. Read More >>

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Skateboarding in Zero Gravity Is Tony Hawk’s Best Trick Yet

Among his many accomplishments, Tony Hawk is probably best known for landing the first 900 during an official competition at the X-Games. But watching him attempt countless skateboard tricks while floating in zero gravity in a vomit comet is yet another reason to be impressed with his skills. Especially since he appears to keep his lunch down during the whole thing. [YouTube via Hypebeast] Read More >>

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Tony Hawk Soars Through the First Ever Skateboard Horizontal Loop

Skateboarder extraordinaire Tony Hawk is 47 years old and he’s still setting the bar for board-based stunts. Watch in wonder as he pulls off the first ever horizontal loop ever executed on a skateboard. Read More >>

Tony Hawk Helped Build a New Hoverboard, the Hendo 2.0

This time last year, we reviewed the Hendo, a real-life hoverboard that actually levitates off the ground (as opposed to whatever these things are). Now the same company is back with a new and improved model that looks and feels more like a skateboard — with help from legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk. The image above is just an illustration, since the real thing will be revealed later this month. But it looks amazing. Read More >>

Six GIFs of Tony Hawk Dominating on a Real Hoverboard

After years of waiting, the world finally has a a hoverboard. OK, so we found it hard to ride but here, skateboard legend and video-game magnate Tony Hawk shows us how it's done. Read More >>

Doc Brown, Tony Hawk, and Even Moby Want HUVr Corp’s Hoverboard to be Made Real

It's got Tony Hawk's endorsement, it's got Moby's endorsement. It's even got bloody Doc Brown himself, Christopher Lloyd, giving it the thumbs up. Has the HUVr Corp finally made Back to the Future's hoverboard a reality? No, of course not. Read More >>