Leatherman’s New One-Handed Wonder Is All You Need

The memory of buying my first Leatherman is unusually clear in my head. I was 16, broke, and incredibly passionate about backpacking in the mountains. That year, Leatherman announced a new multitool called the Wave, and the big deal feature was that some folks could open it with one hand, a trick I thought would impress my outdoorsy friends. So I saved up dishwashing money, scoured the dial-up internet, and scored a used one on eBay. I loved that Leatherman Wave for over a decade. Never could open it one-handed very well. Read More >>

Crafty Cockatoos Make Custom Tools to Reach Sweet, Sweet Nuts

Cockatoos have once again demonstrated that birds have surprisingly advanced toolmaking abilities – particularly when delicious cashews are involved. Read More >>

Lidl Has a Boring Tools Advent Calendar for Dad or if the Kids Have Been Bad

Boring old men like us need not miss out on the extremely small thrill that is opening a cardboard window every morning to signal the slow coming of the festive reaper to scythe another year off our time remaining, with Lidl revealing it's to stock an advent calendar full of the components of a socket set to gradually build and complete. Read More >>

These Crows Are More Clever Than Non-Human Apes When It Comes to Building Compound Tools

Let’s say there is a fifty-pound note wedged behind a bookshelf just beyond your reach, and beside the shelf is a Meccano set. Even a toddler could probably snap together a few of the pieces to fish the note out. But what about an animal? One especially smart crow species seems to have figured out this problem on its own. Read More >>

The Dyson Airwrap Vacuums Your Hair Into Curls

Two years ago Dyson used its expertise in pushing air to create a premium hair dryer that was absurdly expensive, but, in our testing at the time, surprisingly worth the investment. Today the company is announcing its first follow-up to the Supersonic: a new styling tool called the Airwrap that replaces the skin-searing metal surfaces of a curling iron with hot air moving through brushes and other attachments that are much safer to use. Read More >>

Real Utility Knives Were Accidentally Sold as Prank Finger-Slicers in Japan

As Halloween draws near, it’s time to start thinking about macabre ways to prank your friends. The ol’ “fake knife with a notch” is a classic way to make it look like you’ve almost sliced off a finger, but in Japan, one such novelty prop kit was reportedly packaged with real, razor-sharp hobby knives instead of the fake ones. Read More >>

If You’re Lazy and Live Alone, You Need This Motorised Handheld Dish Scrubber

If you find yourself living in a small flat without a dishwasher, live alone, or have a flatmate that’s as lazy as you when it comes to kitchen cleanup, there’s finally a better solution that doesn’t involve just tossing all your fine china once it gets dirty. This handheld motorised scrubbing brush does all the hard work for you, keeping your hands away from filthy sink water. Read More >>

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An Amazon Shipping Box Turned Into a Knife Will Give You the Worst Paper Cut Imaginable

How many times have you accidentally given yourself a papercut after excitedly tearing open a delivery from Amazon? As Japan’s most resourceful knife maker demonstrates, those papercuts could be a lot worse if you spend hours painstakingly turning those cardboard boxes into a razor-sharp chef’s knife. Read More >>

Motorola Won’t Give Up on Modular Smartphones No Matter How Silly They Are

It feels like the window of opportunity for modular smartphones has come and gone. Google’s Project Ara is dead, and LG gave up almost immediately after the release of the G5. But then, off in its own little corner and now three generations deep, Motorola and the new Moto Z3 Play haven’t given up yet. Read More >>

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Firing This Saw Blade-Launching Handheld Catapult Looks More Terrifying Than Getting Hit by It

Joerg Sprave has finally built an elastic-powered weapon that even the burly slingshot master can barely handle when the trigger’s pulled. It’s a handheld trebuchet (a type of catapult) that flings circular saw blades for hundreds of feet, and it looks almost as terrifying to yield as it is to be in the weapon’s crosshairs. Read More >>

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A Chef’s Knife Forged From Ice Is the Perfect Disposable Cutlery

After forging impressively sharp blades from random materials like clingfilm, chocolate, pasta, and even a dead fish, Japan’s most resourceful knife maker has created what could be the perfect disposable cutlery: a chef’s knife made from ice that simply melts away when dinner’s done. Read More >>

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A Chef’s Knife Made From Plastic Wrap Proves Everything in Your Kitchen Is a Blade Waiting to Happen

You might think the most dangerous part of a roll of plastic wrap is the metal cutting blade on the package, but another hazard lurks within the roll itself. After turning tinfoil into a functional blade, Japan’s most talented knife maker has now demonstrated how a roll of regular food wrap can be hardened, sharpened, and used to slice and dice. Read More >>

Adorable Kitchen Tool Turns Radishes Into Super Mario Power-ups

Radishes may not be the best food option to help a picky eater expand their palette. But if your kid loves playing Super Mario Bros., this neat little kitchen tool can turn red radishes into snack-sized power-ups that will also help your small human grow — just not as fast as Mario does. Read More >>

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Watch a Wrench Get Forged into an Deadly Knife

I’m a total sucker for watching old tools get turned into badass blades, because seeing random objects get weaponised is such silly dangerous fun. That used to be a thing that tightened bolts! Now it’s a knife that’ll slice your eyes out. Plus, it looks cool as hell. This time, Miller Knives took a monkey wrench and forged it into a swashbuckling knife by the tried and true method of heating it up, bludgeoning it to hell, and sharpening it into a deadly curved knife. The wrench’s jaws act as the handle. Read More >>

This Cheap Toolkit Can Open 99 Per Cent of Your Gadgets

Were the electronics makers of the world to have their way, every time one of your gadgets broke, you’d simply buy a new one. But most gadgets can be repaired, as the folks at iFixit have revealed time and time again. And the team’s newest DIY repair kit gives you all the essentials you need with just a £17.16 price tag. Read More >>