New Top Gear Presenter Continues Tradition of Crashing

Professional cricketer and amateur driver Andrew Flintoff has already given his new Top Gear colleagues something to endlessly guffaw about, as he managed to crash a pickup truck while filming a racing sequence for the next series of the car show. Read More >>

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Blind Driver Takes 5th Place On Top Gear Test Track

An NHS doctor has managed the fifth-fastest time on the Top Gear test track despite not being able to see. Read More >>

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Freddie Flintoff and Paddy McGuinness to Replace Matt LeBlanc on Top Gear

Joey Tribbiani leaves Top Gear after the next series, and the BBC has confirmed rumours that he'll be replaced by none other than 'Take Me Out' host Paddy McGuinness and cricket legend Freddie Flintoff. Read More >>

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Matt LeBlanc is Leaving Top Gear

When Top Gear was forced to reinvent itself following Jeremy Clarkson's tussle with a producer, the BBC announced repeat guest Matt LeBlanc would be joining Chris Evans as one of the programme's new presenters - a job he continued with even after Evans left. Now he's announced he's going to leave show after the next series. Read More >>

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Lego Top Gear Is Now Canon In Disney’s Cars Universe

The Stig is one of the most famous racing drivers in the world, and nobody has even seen his face. He's so famous in fact that it's just been confirmed Top Gear's tame racing driver actually exists within the world of Disney's Cars - or at least in a Lego version. Read More >>

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Top Gear Just Broke the Record for World’s Fastest Tractor by Driving at 87 mph

Top Gear is no stranger to breaking world records, particularly since it had been declared the most watched 'factual' TV programme in the world back in the days before Jeremy Clarkson thought it was a good idea to punch people who aren't Piers Morgan. Clarkson himself also broke another record last year, but that honour went to The Grand Tour rather than his former employer. Read More >>

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Top Gear’s Been Messing With Madame Tussauds Visitors, With Some Help From The Stig

Madame Tussauds is full of pretty life-like recreations of famous people, but recent guests found that one of them was a little bit too life like. Some say he's actually an advanced automaton from the future, and that he's only able to speak through a car radio. All we know is he's called The Stig. Read More >>

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Top Gear: Watch Chris Harris’s Original Portimão Test Of The McLaren P1 From 2015

On last night's Top Gear, Chris Harris opened the show by putting the McClaren 720S through its paces on the Portimão race track in Portugal. Read More >>

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Top Gear Is Still Better Than The Grand Tour, But Risks Making The Same Mistakes As Its Rival

When the BBC sacked decided not to renew the contract of Jeremy Clarkson, and when Clarkson responded by doing pretty much the same old show but on Amazon’s Prime Video platform, the events created what scientists call a “natural experiment”. Read More >>

Top Gear Accidentally Ruined a 50-Year-Old French Car With 540 Eggs

Top Gear has a bit of a history of stunts going wrong, like when Richard Hammond crashed and nearly died, or when it was presented by Chris Evans. Another cock up happened again recently, with a stunt that involved a 50-year old French Citroen 2CV and 540 broken eggs. Read More >>

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BBC Two Give Us Our First Look at the New Series of Top Gear

A brand new series of Top Gear is just around the corner! Hooray/Groan [delete as appropriate]. Read More >>

Top Gear is Causing Chaos on Countryfile

Tractors aren't really the kind of thing you'd think of when someone mentions Top Gear, even though they have been featured in the past. While the new series of the show isn't due to arrive until sometime next year, we already know that the tractors are coming back. And Countryfile is coming along for the ride. Read More >>

Matt LeBlanc Wants to Broaden Top Gear’s Appeal

Top Gear has always been a programme about cars of many shapes and forms, but when it came to the Clarkson-led era of the show that wasn't why it was so popular. It was entertainment, some scripted and some not, with cars in the middle, and wasn't the kind of thing designed to appeal to diehard motorists. The recent revivals didn't quite catch onto that with its more 'petrolheady' vibe, but according to Matt LeBlanc that will be changing. Read More >>

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WATCH: The Grand Tour Season 2 Trailer Shows Richard Hammond Moments Before The Crash

This morning to coincide with Prime Day, Amazon posted the trailer for the second season of The Grand Tour which is due to hit screens later this year. It hasn't officially made its way on to YouTube yet, but one impatient fan has uploaded it. We'll replace this with the official one as soon as it lands: Read More >>

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You Can Own Top Gear’s Reasonably Priced Car For An Even More Reasonable Price

Top Gear changed the reasonably-priced car segment to the reasonably fast car recently, but before steak-punchgate the show was well known for putting A-list celebrities in their modestly crap car and sending them around the track to get a power lap time. You can now own one such vehicle if you're mad and want a car with a horrible automotive history. Read More >>