SIM Cards That Force Your Mobile Data Through Tor Are Coming

It’s increasingly difficult to expect privacy when you’re browsing online, so a non-profit in Britain is working to build the power of Tor’s anonymity network right into the heart of your smartphone. Read More >>

Email No Longer a Secure Method of Communication After Critical Flaw Discovered in PGP

If you use PGP or S/MIME for email encryption you should immediately disable it in your email client. Researchers have discovered a critical vulnerability they’re calling EFAIL that exposes the encrypted emails in plaintext, even for messages sent in the past. Read More >>

Developer Tells Her Story Publicly as Hacker Community Struggles to Address Sexual Assault

After several attendees of this year’s Chaos Communication Congress (CCC) in Germany said organisers have continued to downplay or ignore issues of harassment and sexual assault, Chelsea Komlo, an open-source software developer and Tor contributor, is speaking out publicly about the rape and assault she says she experienced in an attempt to help combat the toxic environment that some say has plagued the annual privacy and security conference for years. Read More >>

The Dark Web Is Disappearing 

While Tor remains something of an internet boogeyman—a misunderstood service most people think is only useful for hiring hitmen or buying drugs using cryptocurrencies—we found that many Tor sites (called onions) lie somewhere between tame and useless. New research suggests what the few extant onions that remain are headed towards extinction. Read More >>

The Deep Web is Mostly Full of Crap

The deep web — the portion of the dark web only accessible through Tor — exists to serve the needs of hackers-for-hire, hitmen, internet drug kingpins, child pornographers, and their inevitable customers. That’s the public consensus. Read More >>

Tor Project Completely Replaces Board After Appelbaum’s Sexual Assault Allegations

A little more than one month after the Tor Project’s public face Jacob Applebaum stepped down following accusations from multiple women that he sexually assaulted them, the nonprofit has completely replaced its board. Read More >>

Jacob Appelbaum Banned From Prominent Hacker Conference Following Sexual Assault Allegations

Jacob Appelbaum has been banned from Chaos Computer Club events following numerous allegations that he sexually assaulted women and acted inappropriately at hacker events. Appelbaum regularly spoke at CCC events like Chaos Communication Congress and Chaos Communication Camp. Read More >>

Another Woman Has Accused Jacob Appelbaum Of Sexual Assault 

Another woman has accused ex-Tor Project developer Jacob Appelbaum of sexual assault. This comes after Appelbaum recently stepped down from the Tor Project following internal complaints of sexual harassment. Read More >>

Jill Bahring: I Was Not Assaulted by Jacob Appelbaum

The woman involved in an eyewitness account of sexual misconduct by ex-Tor developer Jacob Appelbaum says her experience of the night in question is “entirely different”. Read More >>

Tor Developer Jacob Appelbaum Resigns, Denies Sexual Assault Claims

Former Tor Project employee and well-known computer security and privacy advocate Jacob Appelbaum has issued a statement denying public accusations of sexual assault. His statement was made days after anonymous claims of sexual mistreatment led him to step down from the Tor Project. Read More >>

Mozilla Begs Court for Details About Paedophile Tor Hack to Keep Firefox Safe

In 2015, the FBI hacked Tor to identify users of child sex websites. Now, Mozilla is begging courts to divulge to it how the operation was carried out so that it can ensure its code for Firefox remains secure. Read More >>

How to Search the Deep Web Safely

The deep web and its inner recess, the dark web — those less well-trodden parts of the internet beyond the reach of Google and Bing — are not for the faint-hearted or untrained. With the right tools, however, there’s little to fear and plenty to discover. Here’s how you can start exploring the deep web without having to worry about your digital well-being. Read More >>

The US Supreme Court Just Gave FBI the Power to Hack Innocent People

A proposed change to the ‘Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure’ issued yesterday by the United States Supreme Court will allow federal judges to allow the FBI to hack multiple computers at once, including machines of people who haven’t been suspected of a crime. It can even hack people the FBI knows to be innocent. Read More >>

FBI Keeping its Tor Tracking Exploit to Itself

The FBI's back in the news again, this time using its powers and computers for good in tracking down users who accessed online child porn. The mystery is, the browsers were using supposed anonymous and trackless browsing protocol Tor, so... how did the US nerds do it? Read More >>