2019 Was a Horror-Show Year for Weather

Violent weather has become one of the hallmarks of modern life as climate change pushes our planet into a new, more volatile state. And unfortunately, 2019 was a painful reminder of that. Read More >>

‘Infrasound’ May Soon Help Scientists More Accurately Predict Tornadoes

New research results show how sound below the range of human hearing can help scientists predict and track tornadoes. Read More >>

Scientists Are Probing Tornadoes With Drones to Save Lives

This spring saw one of the worst tornado outbreaks in recent years. More than 300 twisters touched down across the US, scarring the landscape, causing widespread damage, and at least eight fatalities. Read More >>

Musk’s Flamethrower Looks Like a Toddler’s Toy Next to This Jet-Powered Fire Tornado Cannon

If you weren’t able to scrape together $500 to buy Elon Musk’s fund-raising flamethrower, YouTube’s Jairus of All has a cheaper, DIY alternative that instead spews a massive spinning tornado of fire using a pair of ducted fans and a tank of liquid propane worn as a backpack. Read More >>

Incredible Storm Footage Makes It Look Like the Apocalypse Has Arrived

Meteorologists can predict, with surprising accuracy, when a storm will roll through your town. But predicting exactly how severe it will be can still be hit and miss. That’s why it took filmmaker Chad Cowan six years to capture the spectacular timelapses he assembled into this awe-inspiring compilation. Read More >>

Peer Into the Guts of a Monster Tornado With This Incredible Simulation

Using a powerful supercomputer, meteorologists have simulated the “El Reno” tornado—a category 5 storm that swept through Oklahoma on May 24, 2011. Read More >>

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Madman Manages to Build 20-Foot Tall Fire Tornado Without Burning Down His Entire Country

Colin Furze, the internet’s favourite inventor who always puts awesome first and safety second, has created what certainly looks like the largest man-made fire tornado ever built. Combining two of nature’s most destructive forces seems like a good idea, right? Read More >>

NASA’s Rocket Facility in New Orleans Ravaged By Tornadoes

Earlier today, a series of tornadoes and severe thunderstorms bulldozed through southern Louisiana, leaving devastation in their wake. East New Orleans, which was devastated by Hurricane Katrina 12 years ago, experienced major damage as a result, including NASA’s Michoud Assembly Facility. Early reports from NASA indicate 10 people have sustained minor injuries. Read More >>

Extreme Tornado Outbreaks Are Happening More Often Across the US

Tornadoes that come in bunches are on the rise in the United States, according to a new study. Though it might be tempting to blame climate change, scientists aren’t entirely sure what’s causing this troubling trend. Read More >>

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‘Extremely Dangerous’ Tornado Flattens Starbucks in Terrifying Bystander Video

On Wednesday, a tornado described by the US National Weather Service as “large and extremely dangerous” tore through central Indiana, overturning cars and levelling a Starbucks, Weather.com reports. Miraculously, no injuries have been reported. Read More >>

This 5-Year-Old Scientist Knows More About Tornadoes Than You

When I was five, I was repeatedly falling off my bike and making my Barbies do weird things to each other. Oliver here puts my five-year-old self to shame, because he’s over here making cool YouTube videos about tornadoes. Read More >>

UK Tornadoes Most Likely to Strike Those Living Just West of London

A team from the University of Manchester has some bad news for people down south, claiming that tornadoes are most likely to strike those living in the calm commuter belt between Reading and London. Read More >>

Behold the Most Accurate Simulation Of an F5 Tornado Ever

As awful as the film Twister was, it helped bring to light the challenges of researching tornadoes. Namely: how do you get close enough to study something that's powerful enough to kill you? Read More >>

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This Terrifying Video Shows How Dangerous It Is to Film Tornadoes

As long as there are storms, there will be storm chasers, and the footage they get is always equal parts soul-chilling and awe-inspiring. Yesterday, chaser Brandon Sullivan and his team got a little too close for comfort with one of the many twisters that have ravaging Oklahoma. Read More >>