Juggalo Valentine’s Day Hip-Hop Show Ends With Bar Getting 500 Notices for Illegal Downloads

Juggalos can’t catch a break. The misunderstood fans of the Insane Clown Posse have it hard enough with the FBI classifying them as a “gang.” Now, the proprietors of a bar in America are pointing a finger at the Faygo-loving clan after a Valentine’s Day gathering ended with the establishment receiving 500 DMCA notices for illegal downloads. Read More >>

More Bad News For Kodi And Torrents As Sky, Netflix and More Vow To Stamp Out Piracy

Video streaming sites, Kodi, and torrents are all, once again, under attack as a new coalition of entertainment companies redoubles its anti-piracy efforts. Read More >>

Want The Pirate Bay But Without Porn?

A new mirrored collection of the content of The Pirate Bay is online, only this one has been cleansed of the quite embarrassing Step-Mom Goes Wild and Right in Her Hair Vol. 28 porn downloads category. Read More >>

Popular Torrent Search Engine Shuts Down Without Explanation

The torrenting community has been tumultuous these past few weeks. First, Kickass Torrents was seized after the owner’s arrest. Now, one of the largest search engines has vanished. Read More >>

Finding The Torrent You’re Hunting Just Got Harder

The biggest torrent search engine, Torrentz.eu, has shutdown. Those on the hunt for a specific torrent within the sea of mirror sites will now find that task a fair bit harder. Read More >>

Warner Bros. Targets Streaming Subreddit Over Piracy, Fails

You can find almost anything on Reddit, including free, pirated movies, which is why one movie studio has started to not just go after the sources of these videos, but the places that aggregate them. Read More >>

kickass torrents
Kickass Torrents Clones Are Going to Keep Appearing, Aren’t They?

Yes, yes they will. If you absolutely have to get movies and books for free, make sure you’re doing it responsibly. Read More >>

Your Favourite Torrent Site KickassTorrents Goes Offline As Alleged Owner Arrested

If you, like so many, used KickassTorrents (KAT) as one of your primary sources for downloading movies, music, and more, you’re out of luck, as the alleged owner of the site was arrested yesterday. Read More >>

US TV Network Patents Real-Time Torrent Detection

US TV network NBC, which makes top torrent totty like, er, America's Got Talent and The Ellen DeGeneres Show, has applied for a patent that appears to offer a means to track down and remove torrents the very minute they go live and start attracting the content leeches. Read More >>

Judge Says IP Address Doesn’t Prove Anything in Piracy Case

What do you do if you get busted for pirating a terrible Adam Sandler movie? Deny it. That seems to be the lesson of a recently dismissed federal case, which raises the burden of proof that copyright owner must meet in order to hold you accountable for infringement. Read More >>

140 New Torrent Sites Added to UK’s ISP Blockade List

The secretive body in charge of maintaining the UK's ISP piracy blocklist has dug out another 140 domains and subdomains that it would like access to curtailed, adding a few seconds of tedious Googling for alternatives to the process of stealing all the Batmans off the internet. Read More >>

Torrent Traffic Drops as Pirates Switch to Direct Download and Streams

Data scavenged together by a piracy tracker appears to show that the big public torrent sites are on a bit of a downtrend, as years of blockades and legally enforced server troubles slowly eat away at the black market share of the main torrenting portals. Read More >>

star wars
Star Wars: The Force Awakens Blu-ray Has Already Hit Torrent Sites

That space film about those robots and the old man has been on the torrent sites for some time in various low-res screener formats -- but now there's an HD Blu-ray rip of Star Wars: The Force Awakens out there to strike at the very heart of the retail empire. Read More >>

Pirate Bay Adds Live Streaming of its Catalogue of Torrents

Those still pirating things the old fashioned way via The Pirate Bay and its numerous proxies have a new toy to play with today, thanks to the torrenting lynchpin adding support for in-browser streaming of its vast amount of media. Read More >>

Netflix Doesn’t Think VPN Piracy is a Big Problem

Netflix recently made a lot of people sad by announcing a block on using VPNs and proxies to access its services, shutting down a popular, semi-shady way to watch TV online. But according to CEO Reed Hastings, it’s no big deal because no-one was doing that anyway. Read More >>