Following Colossal Scandal, Toshiba Is Back With a Barrage of New Laptops

Toshiba laptops seemed to have disappeared from shelves in recent years, but they’re finally coming back with a new name. From here on out Toshiba’s computer business will be called Dynabook in the US and Europe, and it’s going to be launching a tonne of laptops. Read More >>

Toshiba Has a Plan to Extend Quantum Security to Record-Breaking Distances

Toshiba has devised a feasible new way to use the laws of quantum mechanics to send secure messages using present-day technology. Now it just has to build it. Read More >>

Toshiba’s AR App Lets You See if That Giant TV Will Actually Fit in Your Living Room

We all like having a TV at home, unless you're some sort of weird anti-display hipster. We all like having nice big TVs as well, seeing as how they're better for all the hi-res content we're consuming. But how can you tell if that TV will actually fit in the broom cupboard you call a home? Toshiba's new app is here to help. Read More >>

star wars
May The Dorks Be With You: Toshiba Announces Star Wars Themed TV

Are you sick of your world not being being completely owned by the Walt Disney Corporation? You know the feeling: You get home from work and take off your Darth Vader tie, and sit down on your BB8 beanbag to watch Star Wars™ again, like you do every night. But something is bothering you. Even though you've changed into your Rebel pilot uniform and braided your hair to be all swirly on the sides of your head, you still run the risk of catching a glimpse of something that isn't Star Wars™ branded: The bezel around the edge of your TV. Read More >>

Look at All These Expensive TVs Toshiba Just Announced

It's IFA time, which means lots of announcements about gadgets great and small. Stuff you can't afford, stuff that'll never be released to consumers, and a few things that might actually pique your interest. Toshiba is Berlin to show off a bunch of new stuff, including these TVs. One of them has Alexa in it, which might be useful. The rest are expensive or concepts, but are nice to dream about none the less. Read More >>

Everyone Exaggerates Laptop Battery Life Except Apple

A new study from Which? shows what we've all long suspected: many manufacturers hugely overstate how long their laptop batteries last. Read More >>

Toshiba Is £5 Billion in the Hole After Some Terrible Business Decisions

Toshiba, one of Japan’s most storied companies, is in serious trouble. The company was supposed to report its quarterly earnings on the Tokyo Stock Exchange today, but it never showed up. Instead, it said it wasn’t ready and begged for another month to file. Read More >>

Toshiba Just Recalled Over 100,000 Batteries That Are Melting Laptops

If you’re the owner of a Toshiba laptop, there’s a chance its battery could overheat and go kaboom and melt your machine—which is why the Japanese electronics giant recalled a bunch of Panasonic battery packs this week. Read More >>

Troubled Toshiba Axes Google Glass Rival a Week Before Launch

Toshiba has apparently got cold feet (cold eyes?) about the wearables market, deciding to cancel the launch of its Wearvue TG-01 Google Glass clone mere weeks before it was destined to go on sale and sit unloved in electronics superstores. Read More >>

Vaio is Planning to Merge With Toshiba and Fujitsu to Create a ‘PC Giant’

The Sony spin-off Vaio has announced that it plans to merge with the computer divisions of its rivals Toshiba and Fujitsu as early as next month to form a Japanese “PC Giant”. Read More >>

Fukushima Reactor Debris Stands No Chance Against Toshiba’s Slicing, Dicing Robot

It’s already been almost five years since the nuclear meltdown at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, and the inspection and clean-up is going to last decades. Our best weapon? Amazing robots, like this one Toshiba announced on Monday. Read More >>

Toshiba Axes 6,800 Staff in the Wake of Huge Accounting Scandal

Earlier this year, it came to light that Japanese electronics firm Toshiba had exaggerated its operating profits by $1.2 billion (£780m) over the past six years. Now, it looks set to report a staggering $4.5 billion (£3bn) of losses — and cut 6,800 jobs as a result. Read More >>

Toshiba Satellite Radius Review: An Amazing 4K Screen on a Frustrating Machine

For many, a laptop is a deeply personal device, one that gets used and abused even more than a smartphone. So you really want to love using it—especially if you’re going to spend upwards of £1,000 on something like Toshiba’s new Satellite Radius 12. But the impressive hardware doesn’t make this laptop worth the price tag. Read More >>

Sony Has Bought Toshiba’s Image Sensor Division for £102m

Following a series of negotiations, Sony has announced that it’s buying Toshiba’s image sensor business for 19 billion yen — which works out at £102,363,260 or thereabouts. Read More >>

A 480GB Toshiba SSD for Just £100 is Your “Super-Fast Storage” Deal of the Day

Has your computer slowed to a snail's pace? Is it ten minutes before your machine boots up and you can get your 'Netflix and Chill' on? You may be tempted to trash your computer altogether and start afresh, but swapping out a standard hard drive for a super-fast solid state drive can usually do the trick just as well. Read More >>