Why Everyone Wants to Kill the Mouse and Keyboard

In the past 40 years, everything about our computers have changed: the screens; the guts; the size, weight, and materials; the software itself, of course. But one thing has stayed exactly the same, frozen in time from the early days: the tools we use to tell them what to do. So it's odd that we're so desperate to throw them out the window. Read More >>

Every Gestural Interface Should be This Responsive and Snappy

Working alongside a company called zSpace, makers of interactive holographic displays, researchers at the Ishikawa Watanabe Laboratory in Japan have built a high-speed gesture recognition system that instantly responds to hand and finger movements. Read More >>

Dirt-Cheap Touchscreen Tech Means They’ll Be Everywhere Soon

You can operate your tablet and your smartphone by touch, but what if you could do the same with say, nutritional labels or price tags? Read More >>