Rumours Say Apple’s iPhone X Launch Will Be Screwed by Delays—What’s Really Going on?

This week, Nikkei reported that the difficulty of producing the 3D sensors that power facial recognition in the highly anticipated iPhone X is leading to manufacturing delays. This could ultimately lead to shortages when pre-orders for the device open on October 27th. If it feels like you’ve heard this story before, that’s because you have. Read More >>

New MacBook Pro Leaked in Latest Version of MacOS

Apple is supposed to release the brand new MacBook Pro at a big event Thursday, but it looks like images of the MacBook got out early. The source? Apple. Read More >>

Apple’s New Selling Point is Privacy

Apple got caught up in a game of “me too” during this year’s WWDC keynote address, but if you listen closely, you notice that it’s starting to pitch products not just on their design or their power, but on how they protect a user’s privacy. Meet Apple’s new competitive point of difference. Read More >>

Qualcomm’s New Fingerprint Recognition Could Be Better Than Touch ID

With the launch of the iPhone 5S, Apple set an incredibly high bar for fingerprint recognition with TouchID. Until now Android phones have failed to compete — but now Qualcomm is launching a fingerprint sensor that could change that. Read More >>

FingerKey Lets You Login to Your Mac with TouchID

Apple loves giving its new gadgets TouchID. Apple loves it so much, sometimes it's the only thing it adds, but Macs have yet to receive any TouchID love. That's where FingerKey steps in. Read More >>

Six iPhone Apps That Use TouchID to Make Your Life Easier

Apple's TouchID fingerprint recognition lets you lock your phone James Bond-style, using biometrics. It's cool and adds an extra layer of security, so it makes sense that apps are jumping to integrate it. Here are some of the best apps that take advantage of TouchID: Read More >>

TouchID is Now Open to Developers

Get ready for that silver ring to be put to actual practical use, as Apple has opened up TouchID for app developers. Read More >>