Experience Tour de France Mayhem First-Hand From New on-Bike Cameras

If you've been watching the Tour de France you know that it's been one of the more brutal tours in recent years, with intense weather conditions and terrible crashes that have led to three top contenders abandoning the tour already. It's also the first year that riders are allowed to put cameras on their bikes—so viewers can access the firsthand perspective for the very first time. Read More >>

Inside the US Nuclear Stockpile’s Top Secret First Home

At first glance, this could be any huge, Cold War era facility. The grey and green of poured concrete might remind you of a public school or a hospital. But this is no run of the mill building. It's the original home of the US's nuclear arsenal and it's been top secret for over 60 years. Read More >>

3d printing
A Tour of the New Makerbot Factory, Where 3D Printers Are Born

MakerBot is building an empire selling printers that make things—but have you ever wondered where the printers themselves are made? On June 7th, the company opened a huge new factory to accommodate the booming demand for Replicators, and we got a first-hand look inside. Read More >>

Six Designs That Would’ve Been Impossible Without Computer Modelling

After three decades on the market, Autodesk's software has radically transformed modern architecture, science, and art. In downtown San Francisco, Autodesk exhibits a rotating 20-item gallery showing twenty of its most impressive design feats. On a recent tour, Gizmodo saw the stunning range of the program's capabilities. Engineers use it to plan the most the world's major buildings, and scientists use it to make scale models of molecules. For an artist, it's a way to finally design a giant dinosaur made of LEGO. Read More >>