Tours to the Titanic Offered for £86,000

A travel company says it has the technology to take people on romantic mini breaks around the wreck of the Titanic, with the asking price of just £86,000 per ticket making it the ideal Father's Day gift for the tech executive that's not quite rich enough to make it to the moon. Read More >>

See Inside a Japanese Love Hotel

A man decided to have a look around a Japanese love hotel, where people go to do it in private, but instead of shaming himself over cultural differences and what's deemed acceptable on a first date with a local lady, he walked around it in amazement filming everything for us to see within the plush rooms of the Hotelion, Sendai. Read More >>

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Photos From an Abandoned Resort Town Show How Terrorism Destroyed Tourism in Egypt

Once a crowded holiday resort town, Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt is now a hauntingly empty. Before the Arab Spring in 2011, about 15 million tourists visited the North African country each year. But after several terrorist attacks major airlines suspended flights and foreign offices around the world warned of terrorist threats, Egypt is not such a popular spot any more. Read More >>

French Town Attacked by Foam, is Foam Town Now 

Penmarch, on the northwestern tip of France, isn’t famous for much but the town is poised to become the world’s number one holiday destination for fish froth enthusiasts. Read More >>

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Forest of Dean Tourism Bods Create ‘Star Track’ for Star Wars and Doctor Who Fans

Having been used as a filming location for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the Harry Potter movies and Doctor Who, tourism bods have decided it’s high time they started cashing in on the Forest of Dean’s special showbiz ties. Wye Valley and Forest of Dean Tourism has just created a Film and TV Trail, dubbed the ‘star track’, which it hopes will attract movie lovers and bring up to £35 million to the area in the next three years. Read More >>

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Watch a North Korean Military Parade in VR With This Free App

I went to Pyongyang today: I stayed in an immaculate North Korean hotel room, watched as the country’s ballistic missiles paraded past me, and saw thousands of followers wave flags and flowers in honour of their leader. Read More >>

Travellers to North Korea Can Expect Their Browsing Histories Checked

The same isolated, dictatorial nation that’s currently expanding its nuclear test sites also wants to attract more foreign tourists. But visitors are subject to a ridiculous battery of tech-combing security inspections, including a very fine-grained look at your internet habits. Read More >>

The World’s Longest Glass Bridge Caters to Tourists Who Like Being Scared Silly

Tourists of the 19th century had Ferris wheels to freak themselves out. The 20th century had bungee jumping and skydiving. Today “skywalks” are scaring people shitless, the longest of which being a 300-metre-long monster just opened in Hunan province, China. Read More >>

Awful Tourists Turned Away Nesting Sea Turtles in Costa Rica

Hundreds of thousands of olive ridley sea turtles came ashore on Ostional Beach to lay their eggs, but thousands of tourists were already there, doing nearly everything you’re not supposed to do around a threatened species attempting to reproduce. Read More >>

7 Surreal, Towering Ice Castles That You Can Actually Visit

Are you sick and tired of skiing and ice skating? Why not take a trip to see one of America's mind-bendingly amazing ice castles. It's like a walking through a frosty landscape dreamt up by Richard Serra but built by nature. Tickets are now available! Read More >>

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20 Awesome Stickers From When Your Suitcase Told Stories

There was a time when well-traveled luggage looked like the suitcase above: covered with travel stickers, trophies of every adventurous explorer. My father, who spent his youth traveling across Europe in the 60s and 70s kept his weary suitcase for a long time; as a child, I admired all those well-aged little pictures of remote hotels and places I'd never been to. Read More >>

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Tourism via Jet Fighter is a Great Business Idea

Anyone got a jet fighter going spare? Check out this stunning scenery in Norway during a flyover by the Royal Norwegian Air Force. Surely anyone would pay good money to experience this for themselves. Read More >>

Tour All the Sights of London in Minutes With £25m Scale Model

Could it be made more cheaply from LEGO? Probably, but a team of Hollywood effects specialists is working to build an intricate, 25,000 sq ft, £25,000,000 model of Central London to fill the entirety of the ground floor at One Tower Bridge. Read More >>

What Does Hull Winning UK’s City of Culture Award Actually Mean?

Hull. It's in the North somewhere. It sounds a bit grim and we don't really know anything about it or the names of any bands that come from there, or if it even has a decent local kind of cake or pie. So it is therefore funny that it's been name the UK's City of Culture for 2017, right? Read More >>

You Can Now Ride a Gondola Down The Canals of Venice in Google Maps’ Street View

From the Piazza San Marco to the 409 bridges spanning its 150 canals, Venice is now available to be explored through Google Maps' Street View option in all its romantic, watery glory. Read More >>