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Playing Darts off a 150-Foot Tower is Even More Dangerous Than in a Bar

One of humanity’s worst decisions has to be the pairing of darts with bars full of drunk patrons making terrible decisions. Throwing tiny pointed spears when you can barely stand once seemed like a dangerous way to have fun, until the lads at How Ridiculous decided to play darts off a 150-foot-tall observation tower. Read More >>

London’s Newest Skyscraper Set to be Nicknamed the ‘Cock and Balls’

The Spire London is the official name the post office will be using to deliver the Amazon packages of its super-rich tenants, but there might be a less flattering nickname in the pipeline for the building due to the unfortunate way its three components blend together when viewed from above. Read More >>

4.7 Metres Lopped off Planned London Skyscraper to Protect Aeroplanes

A tower that wanted to be the tallest in the City of London and the second tallest in all of Europe has been told to bend down a bit and stop showing off, with authorities demanding its architects take nearly five metres off the top of the thing to make it safer for air traffic coming into East London's City airport. Read More >>

London’s 771ft ‘Flower Tower’ Block Set to Stand Proud at Canary Wharf

Plans for an enormous residential tower in London are about to be given the go-ahead, it seems, which will see a massive 771ft tower built next to Canary Wharf. Read More >>

London Olympic Park Orbit Tower is to Become a Giant Slide

Anish Kapoor's Orbit Tower, built to somehow celebrate the Olympics and give people a reason to visit East London once the event finished, is getting a reworking. It's being turned into an enormous helter skelter, in possibly one of the greatest public planning decisions in millennia. Read More >>

Killer Skyscraper ATTACKS AGAIN

London's Walkie Talkie tower, which made the news a couple of years ago thanks to focusing the sun's rays to such an extent that it created a localised heat ray, is attacking people again. This time it's apparently channeling the wind, so much so that it's able to knock some people off their feet. Read More >>

What You Can See From the Seven Tallest Buildings on Earth

It's only been a few years since humans could climb more than half a mile above the surface of the Earth without the help of jet fuel. It's easy to forget that buildings that reach this high into the atmosphere are a new phenomenon in our world—at these heights, it's more like aerospace engineering than architecture. Read More >>

How Fast the Lifts in the World’s Tallest Buildings Go

When you're building supertalls, there are other problems to worry about than just making sure they don't fall down. One of the biggest is how to get people up to the top in a reasonable amount of time. If you've got a slow lift the 125th floor might as well not exist. Read More >>

A 1000-Foot Tower is Being Built in the Amazon to Track Climate Change

In a remote stretch of the Amazon rainforest, a skinny steel tower will soon rise over 1,000 feet into the sky—higher than the Eiffel Tower, way higher than the trees. The Amazon Tall Tower Observatory is a joint effort by Brazil and Germany to figure out exactly how carbon dioxide fluctuates inside the South American rainforest, one of the "green lungs" of the planet. Read More >>

Would You Swim Across This Pool Bridge Joining the Top of Two Skyscrapers Together?

Being a huge fan of pools I can't believe I missed this 50-metre-long swimmable bridge between two condo towers in Singapore. Living at the 574-apartment, 38-story-tall Sky Habitat would be my idea of hell, but I'd love to have a friend there to enjoy that roof and swim through that bridge. Read More >>

Why the US Government Will Spend £1.2 Million to Promote Wooden Skyscrapers

The US Department of Agriculture doesn't usually meddle in architecture, but this week at an event at the White House, it announced an unusual project: A $1 million (£600,000) competition for high-rise buildings built out of wood—and another million that will go to educating architects about it. Read More >>

Watch a Micro-Apartment Transform Into a Five-Room Suite

The 43-storey De Rotterdam is one of Europe's largest buildings. Inside, however, it's a study in how to inhabit a small space: the behemoth's tiniest unit is only 645 square feet (60 square metres), yet because it's kitted out with incredible transforming furniture, it functions like a five-room apartment. Read More >>

The World’s Tallest Building May Soon be Without Elevators or A/C

Rent at the 163-storey Burj Khalifa doesn't come cheap. While a one-bedroom "only" costs £33,000 a year, it's the £15,000 service fee that really gets you. Now, a fight over these fees may force tenants to make the climb home on foot. Read More >>

The Brutally Beautiful Wastelands of Outer Moscow

The seam where a city meets the country is an uncanny place. It's not rural, yet not exactly urban, either, a non-place often full of half-finished streets and isolated developments. Most of us only see these environments through the windows of our cars, but photographer Alexander Gronsky has spent the last four years in Moscow's outskirts, watching and photographing. Read More >>