Humans Do Stuff When Cars Are Kicked Out of High Streets

Transport for London has conducted some research that shows everything Transport for London has been doing recently was a great idea, which is quite fortunate for everyone concerned at Transport for London. Read More >>

Grimsby Ranked Worst Place for Pretty Much Everything

We find it hard to believe there's a worst place in the country than Blackpool, but apparently there is according to researchers from the Royal Society for Public Health. And it is Grimsby. Poor old Grimsby. Read More >>

The Most Isolated Town on Earth Needs a Radical Redesign 

Smack dab in the middle of the South Atlantic Ocean, 1,000 miles from human civilisation, lies one of the most isolated towns in the world. It’s called Tristan da Cunha, and for the first time, it’s looking to the outside world to plan its future. Read More >>

Has Your Back Window Got a Worse View Than This?

A company that makes window blinds had the genius idea of running a competition to see who has the most miserable view from their window, pulling in some cracking photos of the industrial decay, unkempt gardens and suburban sprawl those who entered get to enjoy on a daily basis. Read More >>