Here Are 2019’s Most Awful Halloween Costumes

Spooky times are back, and you know what that means: ‘Tis the season for bad Halloween costumes! Cosplay and nerd culture have become more mainstream and while that means some awesome costumes, so too do we see an increase in badly made knockoffs. Some of them are supposed to be “sexy,” others funny, but they usually end up just being plain bad. We’re looking at the worst of the worst of 2019. Read More >>

This Toy Story 4 Alternate Ending Would’ve Screwed Over Bo Peep

After spending some time away, Bo Peep made her badass return in Toy Story 4She introduced Woody to the idea that toys don’t have to stay devoted to one kid, but can do lots of things – like help other toys find their own path. It was a message the franchise needed, about how we all have a choice about what we do with our lives. And it could’ve been squandered. Read More >>

Why Are There So Many Toy Story Fan Theories?

Toy Story 4 is the latest movie in the Disney-Pixar saga about a bunch of toys who secretly come to life when their owners aren’t around. It centres around Woody and a new handcrafted toy named Forky, who’s experiencing an existential crisis. But surprisingly, a spork who’s come to life is not the most mind-blowing thing about this movie. In our latest video, find out what is. Read More >>

Toy Story 4 Is a Heartwarming, Boundary-Pushing Addition to the Beloved Franchise

Above all else, the one thing Toy Story 4 needed to do was make itself worthy of the title “Toy Story.” That’s a name with a grand tradition in animation. A name that promises excellence, not some by-the-numbers cash-grab. And while it’s certain to grab a lot of cash, the movie somehow lives up to that high standard. It’s an exciting, surprising, incredibly funny film that’s just as poignant and heartfelt as you’d expect from this franchise. Read More >>

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Toy Story 4’s Heroes Are Veteran Rescuers in the Final Trailer

In Toy Story 4, all of Andy’s toys have grown up in the same way their original owner did, which means they’re older, wiser, and better than ever just as they come into a new kid’s life when she needs them most. While they might not be as thrilling to play with as a googly-eyed spork, the plastic cowboy and crew still have plenty of magic left in them. Read More >>

The First Full Trailer for Toy Story 4 Gives Woody a Grand New Quest

The toys are back in town – and the world beyond bedrooms has only gotten weirder and more wonderful since their last adventure. Read More >>

Toy Story 4 Might Have the Next Cars-Level Existential Crisis

Cars might be chock full of bizarre conspiracy theories, ranging from “Where do baby cars come from?” to “Does this take place in a dystopian future where humans became cars?” But the newest dark-as-hell mystery involving an innocent children’s franchise has appeared out of thin air, thanks to the first teaser for Disney’s summer 2019 release Toy Story 4. Read More >>

Here’s the First Teaser Trailer for Toy Story 4

I was but a wee child when the very first Toy Story came out, back when the idea of a computer animated film was completely unheard of. 22 years later and we've just been sent the first teaser trailer for the fourth instalment in the franchise (not including all those shorts). What's going on? We're not sure, and this teaser trailer isn't very revealing. Read More >>

Watch 30 Years of Pixar in One Emotional Supercut

Pixar’s Finding Dory is out at the end of the month, and it’s pretty damn good. Burger Fiction took the opportunity to look back at the history of the beloved animation studio’s groundbreaking work from 1984 to the present. Read More >>

This Custom Iron Man Figure is What a Real-Life Buzz Lightyear Would Look Like

Master toy customiser Sam Kwok has turned Hot Toys’ sixth-scale Starboost Iron Man XXXIX figure into what Toy Story’s Buzz Lightyear would almost certainly look like in real life. If Tony Stark ever started doing children’s birthday parties, this is definitely the armour he should wear. Read More >>

Toy Story Moleskines Are a Convincing Reason to Switch Back to Pen and Paper

Even obsessive Evernote users might want to consider switching back to pen and paper now that Moleskine has a new line of Toy Story-themed notebooks featuring artwork from the character style guides that Pixar had created for the original film over 21 years ago. Read More >>

Here’s the Most Perfect Screen-Accurate Toy Story Woody You Can Buy

It’s not easy to make a perfect replica of a toy that only appeared in a movie as a computer-generated creation, but Medicom has gone above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that its new Woody figure is the most screen accurate Toy Story replica you can buy. Read More >>

Pixar is Making Toy Story 4, Huzzah

Disney and Pixar just announced that John Lasseter will direct Toy Story 4, scheduled for release in June 2017. Yassssssssssss. Read More >>