Dare to Dip and Dive With This Duo of Damn Durable Drones

There are plenty of quadcopters out there that you can buy if you want, but they tend to have one or more of the following downsides: They are expensive. They are fragile. They are difficult to fly. Just one can be a bummer, any pair is twice the drag, and all three just all out sucks. The pair of Arial tricksters Air Hogs rolled out for Toy Fair 2013 soar above those troubles. Read More >>

Whip Up a Bewildering Nerdy Decor With This Giant Sword and Arcade Scented Candles

Need scented candles, a giant foam sword, or a ringtone machine to annoy your buddies? Of course you don't but, you want 'em and ThinkGeek's spread for Toy Fair 2013's got you covered. Read More >>

star wars
The Origin of Darth Vader: The New Star Wars Figures at Toy Fair

For all the Star Wars news lately, there hasn't been much that affects what action figures we'll be seeing for the next few years. For now? We're getting new recreations of classic outfits from the movies. Read More >>

The Biggest Transformer Ever Made: Metroplex

If you're not a Transformers fan, you'd be excused if you didn't know exactly who Metroplex is. After some comprehensive research, we've figured out he's really tall and holds Optimus in his hand a lot. Oh, also, he's a new gigantic 24-inch transformer—the biggest ever made. Read More >>

Spider-Man, Wolverine, Iron Man & The Avengers: All the New Marvel Action Figures

Last year was basically the biggest year ever for Marvel, with the Avengers movie blowing everyone's expectations out of the water. So what do you make action figures of this year? Plenty, actually. Read More >>