Surviving Toy Shop Mocks Doomed Toys R Us

Small town high street shop chain Smyths, which at time of writing in March of 2018 is still in business, has launched a slightly poor taste promotion, where holders of a Toys R Us Gold Card can trade it in for a 20 per cent discount on a purchase. Read More >>

Toys R Us Enters Administration

It's been a tumultuous few months for Toys R Us. First, the US side of the company filed for bankruptcy in September last year. Two months later, the toy giant announced that 26 branches in the UK would be closing. A week after that, the whole chain nearly went — but a last minute deal saved it. Then, earlier this month the whole UK side of the business was put up for sale. And now, the store has gone into administration. Read More >>

Toys R Us UK Adds Itself to Fire Sale Listings

The entire UK division of Toys R Us is up for sale, as the US owner tries to escape some of its debt crisis by flogging off assets. Read More >>

Fire Sales Start at Doomed Toys R Us Branches

The great cull of Toys R Us branches is about to get under way, with the financially besieged retailer starting the clearing out process at the 25 locations it's about to board up for good. Read More >>

A Last Minute Deal Means Toys R Us UK is Saved

The other day we heard news that warring over pensions could lead to the collapse of Toys R Us UK, which was more bad news for the company that had already announced it was closing 26 stores and putting at least 800 jobs at risk. There's good new now, though, because the retailer has been saved thanks to a last minute deal. Read More >>

Toys R Us Files For Bankruptcy in the US – But Your UK Toy Shopping is Safe For Now

After recently announcing it was struggling, the toy retailer giant Toys R Us has filed for bankruptcy in the US. Read More >>

Even Toys”R”Us Has a Tablet Now

Toys"R"Us has taken a good long look at the increasingly crowded Android tablet market and decided it wants a minuscule sliver too. So starting October 1st, every child's favorite store will start selling a seven-inch, £100 Android device called the Tabeo (Tabby-oh? Tabe-e-oh?) targeted at younger users. Read More >>