Hamleys’ Half Term Sale is Knocking 20% off Lego and Other Toys

We love our Lego here at Giz UK, as many regular readers will be aware, and we definitely love not having to pay full price for our sets. So We're pretty happy that Hamleys has announced the start of its half term sale, which includes 20% off our favourite Danish construction toy. Read More >>

The New Tamagotchi Can Marry and Breed

Twenty-two years after its initial release, and several years after countless revivals and re-releases, Tamagotchis have returned yet again with some interesting features like smartphone connectivity and the ability for your virtual pets to marry someone else’s and have kids. Tamagotchi? More like Tamagotchu for 18 years. Read More >>

Stranger Things is Getting an Absolutely Mind-Boggling Lego Set

Even if your familiarity with the kids of Hawkins, Indiana is passing at best, Lego’s crack at beloved Netflix series Stranger Things is one of the most fascinating sets we’ve seen from the company in a long, long time – and there’s nothing strange about that. Read More >>

Lego Thunderbirds Sets Are Nearly Potentially Go

A proper generation-spanner of an idea is currently battling for recognition on the Lego Ideas portal, where Lego and Thunderbirds fan Andrew Clark is hoping his staggering recreation of Thunderbird 2 hits the 10,000 supporters level needed to get it in front of Lego's decision makers. Read More >>

This Lego Artist Created the Ultimate Horror Movie Haunted House

Lego is the perfect medium for playful sculpture, and it’s also great for pop culture pastiche. This haunted house, created by Reddit user @Kreimkoek, is both. Read More >>

These Avengers: Endgame Spoiler Toys Are Adorable and Heartbreaking

The Russo brothers may think Avengers: Endgame spoilers are fair game starting next week, but toy companies disagree. Read More >>

An Incredibly Sparkly Stag Might Just Be the Best Part of Lego’s New Harry Potter Sets

Hagrid’s Hut? Keep it. Another attachment to the past Lego Hogwarts sets? Cool, but no big deal. A glistening, glittery Patronus figure? Okay, Lego, fine. You got me. Read More >>

These Battling Bots Bring Dystopian Warfare to Your Living Room Floor

It’s an unsettling glimpse into the inevitable future of warfare where battles are indistinguishable from video games, but watching a pair of robots duke it out is always entertaining. If your aspirations of one day rolling your competitor into the Robot Wars arena have been thwarted by a complete lack of engineering skills, GJS’ Geio is an easy shortcut to some genuinely fun robo-combat; if you’re willing to splurge on a pair of them. Read More >>

Lego’s Newest Sets Leverage the World’s Most Popular Toy to Teach Kids Braille

A couple of years ago, design agency Lew’LaraTBWA created a set of Lego-like bricks that used the plastic stubs to recreate the patterns that make up the braille alphabet. It was such a clever way to help encourage blind or visually impaired children to learn braille that Lego is officially releasing its own Braille Bricks collection. Read More >>

This Digital Camera Draws Every Photo It Snaps on an Etch A Sketch

The challenge of trying to draw anything even partially recognisable using just two spinning knobs has somehow made the Etch A Sketch a popular toy for almost 60 years now. Some artists have managed to master the unique medium with endless hours of practice, but Martin Fitzpatrick opted to hack together a shortcut instead, resulting in one of the most unusual digital cameras we’ve ever seen. Read More >>

All the New Avengers: Endgame Toys That Tell You Absolutely Nothing About Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame is on the way, and with it, more merchandise than you can shake an Infinity Gauntlet-clad finger at. But as people rush to find meaning out of them, let’s remember that in a world where even the trailers are lying to us, some shiny new toys aren’t going to reveal anything we don’t know already about this movie. Read More >>

The First Full Trailer for Toy Story 4 Gives Woody a Grand New Quest

The toys are back in town – and the world beyond bedrooms has only gotten weirder and more wonderful since their last adventure. Read More >>

The Dark Knight Returns in These Seriously Cool DC Collectibles From New York Toy Fair

DC Collectibles brought out lots and lots of Batman for this year’s New York Toy Fair. But don’t worry, some other characters got a chance to shine too and there’s a Harley Quinn “statue” you have to see to believe. Read More >>

Anyone For Sonic The Hedgehog LEGO?

LEGO Ideas – the community program where fans can get their dream sets made – currently has a Sonic submission up for voting, and it looks great. Read More >>