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This Customised Hydrogen-Powered Nerf Blaster Makes Its Own Explosive Fuel

If you’ve ever been disappointed by the performance of a Nerf toy, you’re not alone. For safety (and legal) reasons the blasters come with limited power out of the box, but there’s a thriving community of modders online who’ve found ways to give them more kick. That includes Peter Sripol who hacked a Nerf blaster so that it’s now powered by explosive hydrogen it generates all by itself. Read More >>

It’s Been Out Less Than a Week, But Amazon Still Just Knocked £30 off Lego Darth Vader’s Castle

For those of you who ordered the Lego version of Darth Vader's Castle before it was released, I have some very irritating news to share with you. Despite the fact the set only came out on 1st December, which is less than a week ago, Amazon has gone and knocked 25 per cent off the pricetag. That means anyone who didn't plan ahead can now get it for £90 instead of the full £120. Read More >>

The Best Lego Sets We Got in 2018

Our fondness for Lego isn't exactly a secret, and we've been keeping close tabs on all the biggest and best sets that have hit shop shelves throughout the year. Whether you like to buy from Lego, Argos, Amazon, Toys R Us, Smyths or wherever else they sell toys, 2018 has been a great year for Lego sets. There were a lot of them, many of which feel like they were released a lifetime ago, and it wasn't easy picking through them all. Still we managed, and here are all the Lego sets we felt were worthy of some special praise. Read More >>

The Super Soaker For Spitballs Is the Perfect Toy For Grownups Who Refuse to Grow Up

Ping a co-worker in the head with a foam dart and you’ll get an annoyed reaction at worst, but soak a co-worker with a water gun and you’ll find yourself in a meeting with HR. Jakks Pacific’s new Skid Shot blaster falls somewhere between the two. It automatically ingests and turns squares of toilet roll into sopping wet spitball projectiles that won’t damage electronics like a Super Soaker can, but will create enough of a mess to make you feel like a teenage delinquent again. Read More >>

The Latest Lego Modular Building Is A Corner Garage

Every year, Lego releases a new addition to its Modular Buildings series, a range designed for older fans of the building blocks. We've just had word of 2019's new modular building, and it's rather lovely. Read More >>

The First Captain Marvel Funko Pops Tease an Intriguing Alternate Name for Carol Danvers

To paraphrase liberally from Jane Austen, it is a truth universally acknowledged that a Hollywood blockbuster in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a Funko Pop line. Captain Marvel is no such exception — and its Pop vinyl toys are giving an intriguing little hint about the movie. Read More >>

This He-Man Action Figure Is Ready for Christmas

Seasonal action figures are a really fun idea. And who’s more suited for Christmas than the Master of the Universe himself, He-Man? After all, he’s taken his turn as Santa before, in a wonderfully bizarre Christmas special. Why not take that power to plastic? Read More >>

Lego Knocks 30% Off Two More Sets For Cyber Monday

Today's the last deal of Lego's Black Friday/Cyber Monday shenanigans, and it's added a couple of bonus daily deals to try and last-minute tempt us. Read More >>

Black Friday
Smyths Toys’ Black Friday Offerings Just Got a Bit Better Thanks to a Voucher

We've been pretty impressed with Smyths' Black Friday offerings, including some sweet reductions on Lego. But the toy shop has just made things even better by adding a couple of vouchers into the mix. Read More >>

A V10 Designed for Kids is the Only Affordable Way to Buy a Dyson

Dyson vacuum cleaners are, by all accounts, pretty great at what they do. They suck, but in the only good way we're allowed to talk. Assuming we want to avoid being on the receiving end of some stern words from someone in management. The problem is Dyson knows they're good, and charges a goddamn fortune as a result. Well lucky for you there is an affordable way to get one, but the downside is it's a toy vacuum made for children. Read More >>

black friday
LittleBits’ STEM Building Kits Are On Black Friday Sale

We love the LittleBits STEM kits, which allow engineering-minded kids to do everything from booby-trapping their rooms to hacking the house. Read More >>

Toy Story 4 Might Have the Next Cars-Level Existential Crisis

Cars might be chock full of bizarre conspiracy theories, ranging from “Where do baby cars come from?” to “Does this take place in a dystopian future where humans became cars?” But the newest dark-as-hell mystery involving an innocent children’s franchise has appeared out of thin air, thanks to the first teaser for Disney’s summer 2019 release Toy Story 4. Read More >>

Smyths Toys Reduced the Lego Death Star By £110 For Black Friday

Editor's Note: We knows the links aren't working, our system is playing up and we are working on getting it fixed. In the meantime head to, where you can find the deal directly. Read More >>

The Tiny Technical Details Make Lego’s James Bond Aston Martin a Joy To Build

Unlike IKEA furniture or a kid’s bicycle, “assembly required” is the feature that makes Lego’s building sets so appealing. Half the fun is working your way through the instruction manual and watching your model slowly take shape. Some sets are more challenging, while others result in a final model with more playability. But of all the sets I’ve assembled over the past 30+ years, Lego’s Aston Martin DB5 strikes the perfect balance between everything that makes the building toy so enjoyable. Read More >>

Lego Officially Unveils The Upcoming Overwatch Sets

We got a good look at Lego's Overwatch sets a couple of weeks ago thanks to a leak, but now Lego has finally revealed them itself – along with a release date. There are six sets altogether, all of which will be available on 1st January. A nice little new year treat for yourself, perhaps? Read More >>