John Lewis Has an App for Talking to Tradesmen

John Lewis, the shop, is moving into home maintenance. This is great news for the likes of us, as it means we might finally be able to book a tradesman to fix something minor without having to use the phone and admit, verbally, to not being very handy with such things. Read More >>

Would You Trade-in Your Hypothetical iPad for a Surface, Like Microsoft Suggests?

Say you own an iPad. Say you also, for some bizarre reason, think you might be better off with a Microsoft Surface. Would you switch? Would you switch if Microsoft bribed you with around £130 to trade-in an old iPad and make the change? Read More >>

xbox one
Xbox One Pre-Owned System Designed to Give Publishers a Cut of Our Trade-Ins

A new explanation of how the Xbox One's used games system works has emerged, showing the primary reason behind it -- ensuring that publishers get paid again when someone buys a second-hand game. Read More >>