ASA: No T-Mobile, Your “Unlimited” Data Isn’t Actually Unlimited

The advertising watchdog has just given EE's budget arm, T-Mobile, a big slap across the chops over its claim of "unlimited" data on its Full Monty plans. According to the ASA, it's not actually unlimited because T-Mobile employs traffic management, which makes it, err, limited. Read More >>

Virgin’s Insanely Complicated New Traffic Management Shows What’s Wrong With ISPs

Virgin isn't exactly a student of laissez-faire broadband, instead choosing to actively 'traffic-manage' its customers. It's just rolled out a new system of traffic management, and whilst it leads to some theoretically marginal improvements for consumers, it's the most complicated sonofabitch you're ever gonna see. But more than that, it's a demonstration of how out-of-touch some ISPs really are. Read More >>