Virgin Trains Ad Mines Live Traffic Data to Shame Car Drivers

A new interactive billboard advert for Virgin Trains is doing something rather clever with data and APIs, using live road traffic reports to gauge problems on the road and tell suffering drivers, live, how much quicker it all would've been had they got the train. Plus it might've been one with a phone charger and there could've been a buffet trolley with crisps. Read More >>

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This Timelapse Turns LA’s Nightmarish Traffic Into the City’s Most Beautiful Feature

Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Santa Monica; all great reasons to visit Los Angeles that are unfortunately overshadowed by the city’s overwhelming traffic and perpetually-gridlocked highways. But through the lens of Ralph & Randy’s timelapse cameras, LA’s traffic nightmare somehow looks like best reason to head to the West Coast. Read More >>

AI Traffic Lights That Favour Cyclists are on the Way to the UK

A trial of a "smart" traffic light system is finally about to start in the UK, and about time too, seeing as pretty much everyone who's ever driven or ridden through a town has already had the idea of adapting the signals on the fly to better meet traffic demand. Read More >>

Government Ploughs £4m into Weird Local Council Idea Apps

The government's decided to weigh in on the digital cities side of things again, with today seeing £4m awarded to a basket of apps and data streaming solutions that might help near-future you avoid traffic and find a parking space via the magic of a smartphone. That you shouldn't be looking at while driving, but still. Read More >>

Ford and Jaguar Land Rover Want to Help You Avoid Red Lights

Ford has announced something it calls the Green Light Optimal Speed Advisory, which sounds nowhere near as appealing as it should. It’s a special system designed to help you avoid red lights, and relies on communications between your car and roadside infrastructure. Read More >>

Polluted Air Linked to Higher Rates of Traffic Accidents

A study attempting to find a link between air pollution and car accidents only went and found one, suggesting that even when allowing for the increased levels of traffic that accompanies lower quality air there are more accidents when the air's all stinky. Read More >>

US TV Network Patents Real-Time Torrent Detection

US TV network NBC, which makes top torrent totty like, er, America's Got Talent and The Ellen DeGeneres Show, has applied for a patent that appears to offer a means to track down and remove torrents the very minute they go live and start attracting the content leeches. Read More >>

Redheads Get Porn Fans Off the Quickest, Say Browser Stats

Online gentleman's retreat Pornhub has collated a new mountain of stats for us to look at as if enjoying porn is a normal hobby that sits alongside cabinet making, golf and gardening, revealing that it's the people who search for redhead action that appear to get the job done the quickest. Read More >>

TfL’s Site Now Lets You Ignore the Tube Delays and Disruption You Don’t Care About

TfL now allows you to favourite the transport information, including Tube lines and bus and tram routes, that you're interested in through its website, making it quicker and easier to spot the disruptions that might affect your journey to work (yay) or back home (boo). So if you're sick of reading about the latest District line delays when you've purposely avoided the route for the last year and a half, you no longer have to. Great. Read More >>

Panopticon ‘All-Seeing Eye’ Lets You Track London’s Busiest Roads Live

If you live in the countryside, here's a funny video -- people in London trying to drive anywhere! Ha ha! Look at them. Going really slowly in the midst of loads of toxic fumes. Your ironic modern beard won't filter out all that NOx, mate. Read More >>

After a High-Speed Chase in LA, Suspected Burglars Have Time to Pose for Selfies Before Cops Arrive

It’s not really how anyone expected one of LA’s most bizarre police chases to end. Read More >>

Jerks Are Selling Endangered Species on Facebook

Gibbons, langurs, otters, sun bears. Those are just some of the hundreds of live animals listed for sale on Facebook in Malaysia. Many of them are vulnerable species, some of them critically endangered. Read More >>

Beijing Blames Uber for its Obscene Traffic Problem

Beijing faces overcrowded roads and pollution that are constantly getting worse. Why? According to city officials, it’s because of ride-sharing services, including Uber. Read More >>

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This Satellite Antenna Looks Good Enough to Hang on a Wall as Art

It may look like an artistic experiment in geometry that you could find on Etsy, but this is in fact a new satellite antenna developed by the European Space Agency. Read More >>

Kenya’s Suffering a Three-Day, 30-Mile Traffic Jam

Be grateful you’re not on the road from Mombasa to Nairobi in Kenya right about now, because the route is suffering a traffic jam that’s reported to have lasted three days, stretching as far as 30 miles. Read More >>